Summer Beauty Tips: No Melt Make-up

Summer Beauty Tips: No melt make-up

I have oily to combination skin. In the winter I find it hard to keep my skin hydrated and in the summer I find it impossible to keep any sort of make-up in place. Summer is my make-up nemesis meaning more often than not, only a few hours after putting my face on in the morning, I’m a sweaty mess. And let’s talk about the shine! Some days I reflect like a mirror. A sulky, sweaty mirror. Nice.

Suffice to say I’ve tried a fair few products to mattify and prolong my make-up. For those who share my skin woes (oily and combination) or for those of you who find that the summer months cause your make-up to slide south, here are some of my favourite tips for how to stop your make-up from melting and how to beat the heat.

Use gel based skincare:

Gel based products sink into the skin leaving less shine than cream or oil based products. Some moisturisers are designed to leave the skin with a matte appearance.

Try a primer:

Face Primers
Mattifying primers are a real investment as a dual purpose primer helps to keep your make-up in place and cut down on shine. Eyelid primers stop your eyeshadow creasing and can keep them in place for hours.

Elf Eyelid Primers

Think longwear:

Longwear make-up products
Products that state they last for a long time, for example colorsports 24 hours eye liner or Estee Lauder double wear stay in place foundation, are designed to cling to your skin and outlast other brands. Wearing a waterproof mascara will stop any smudges from happening but prepare to use an appropriate eye make-up remover such as Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish or Micellar Water because once your mascara’s on it’s unlikely to budge!

Try an all-in-one:

BB Creams Garnier and Ginvera

BB Creams (Blemish Balms) are my new favourite thing. They offer up a multitude of different remedies for every skin type ranging from moisturisation, sun protection, coverage for uneven skin tone and can mattify your skin making it look flawless if you choose the right one.

Shift that shine:

Face Blotting Paper
Use blotting sheets to remove the excess shine before applying foundation. Don’t scrimp on moisturiser either, your skin gets thirsty in the summer sun so use a gel based moisturiser (see above) with an SPF for extra protection. Afterwards use a pressed powder, applied with a sponge, rather than a brush, to set your make-up and make it last longer.

MAC Blot Powder

Fix your face:

Setting Sprays
Setting sprays are a relatively new concept. I’ve been using Mac’s Fix+ for around six years but the idea is now more widespread, hitting both the highstreet and online brands. Elf’s mist and set spray is similar and an affordable option for those on a budget.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products before – have they worked for you?

Do you have any tips for no melt make-up? And what are your favourite summer beauty products?

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How to Create Your Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

How to Create Your Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Next week I’m jetting off on a last minute holiday (we are leaving things completely by chance this year, very unlike me!) but I’ve already planned my holiday wardrobe thanks to a clever capsule wardrobe list I devised last year. I’m a planner by nature and prefer things in life to be organised down to the last detail so if you’re like me and like things organised or you’re just looking for some holiday outfit inspiration, here’s my take on how to create your holiday capsule wardrobe.

How to Create Your Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Holiday Wardrobe Tips:

Decide on a colour theme with a maximum of three colours (plus black and white) – this makes it easier to mix and match pieces to create many different outfits. Last year for holiday my colour theme was coral, black and mint whereas this year I’m keeping things simple by choosing classic monochrome pieces and adding in some bright accessories of purple, orange and pink.

Add bright accessories to change up your look. Take scarves and jewellery on vacation in an assortment of colours and styles – they take up much less space in your suitcase than extra clothes and can drastically alter a basic look, easily taking you from day to night in an instant.

Wear a lightweight scarf on the plane – If you’re going abroad this is a staple – I wear one to the airport so that I can snuggle into it if it gets a bit chilly on the flight. Once on holiday it doubles up in the daytime as a sarong or a cover up if it gets too hot and then in the evening it can be worn as a shawl to cover up cold shoulders or to disguise wobbly arms! I also wear a scarf as a belt to change up a plain pair of shorts and lastly I like to use it on my sun lounger – you know that bit where the towel’s not quite long enough to reach to the end – which keeps my feet covered when sunbathing on my front so I don’t get burnt feet.

Buy pieces with a dual purpose such as mix and match bikinis. The beauty of having mix and match bikinis is that you can mix and match them to create four different bikini looks, plus you can wear the bikini tops in the daytime (if you’re daring enough) styled as bandeau or crop tops. If you’re not so daring, try high waisted versions of bikinis or opt for tankinis – it looks like a swimsuit but is in fact separate pieces – and they’re much more versatile than a one-piece. Reversible and tan-through bikinis and tankinis are available too!

What to wear on the flight or when travelling:

The main concern here is comfort but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t stay stylish too.
I like to wear harem or palazzo pants with a basic tee, which are both super comfy and easy to wear. A jacket of some kind is essential because I get so cold on the plane and might be needed for when I get back (Dear UK, why are you so rainy?!) and as noted above, a cotton scarf to keep the chill of my neck. Also I like to wear a scarf to add some interest to an otherwise basic outfit but it all depends on what you feel most comfortable in. As an alternative you could try a statement necklace which is bang on trend.

Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

1. White Crop Top Bloomingdales UK
2. Harem Pants Forever21
3. Print Fringe Kimono Miss Selfridge or 4. Crop Denim Jacket French Connection
5. Madison Espadrilles Kurt Geiger
6. Oversized scarf (can also be worn as a sarong) Select

What to pack:

24 Piece Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

  1. A Large Beach Bag - H&M
  2. A satchel or day bag (doubles up as your travel bag and hand luggage) I like this one from F&F at Tesco and it’s great value at only £16
  3. Sunglasses - Lavish Alice
  4. A Hat - French Connection
  5. Lightweight Scarf or sarong x2 – Select
  6. Scarf/sarong –  NotOntheHighStreet
  7. 2 Mix and Match Bikinis or Tankinis - Reversible Bikini – Forever21
  8. Long Line Bikini - Lipsy
  9. Denim shorts – Forever21
  10. A Maxi Skirt - Oasis
  11. A Maxi dress - Forever21
  12. A Day dress or playsuit – Quiz
  13. An Evening dress or jumpsuit – Coast
  14. 1 pair flipflops – I’m totally in love with my Reefs but I’ve got a soft spot for Ruby & Ed flip flops because they’re so comfy. I have a pair in nearly every colour!
  15. 1 pairs of sandals or espadrilles – T-bar Sandals – Aftershock London
  16. Espadrilles – Kurt Geiger
  17. 1 pair of heels Mango
  18. Palazzo or harem pants such as these harem pants that double as a playsuit
  19. 3 vests or t-shirts – Bloomingdales UK
  20. Brightly coloured shorts or skort – Miss Selfridge
  21. Statement jewellery – H&M
  22. Kimono or cover up – Miss Selfridge
  23. A beach cover up that doubles as a day dress - Embellished Kaftan
  24. Denim Jacket – French Connection

A total of 26 pieces like these will give you more than enough outfits for travelling, day time outfits and evening outfits for at least 7 days (but more like 10-14 if you plan wisely!) Lastly, don’t forget your travel documents, medications, money, passport, sun lotion and a good summer book.

Enjoy your holidays!

Thanks for Reading,

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6 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

6 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Now I’m in my 30′s (good grief when did that happen?!) I’ve been putting much more of a conscious effort into adopting a healthier lifestyle. In addition to working out more regularly and re-vamping my skincare routine, I have been trying to ‘eat clean’ around 85% of the time, meaning no added salt, sugar and sweeteners and eating fresh, nutritious healthy food to meet my body’s needs. Energy is a big issue for me so I like to make sure I start my day right by filling up on a balanced breakfast to fuel me for the day, so below I’ve shared some of my favourite breakfast dishes that I regularly enjoy. I’ve chosen 6 rather than 7 breakfasts as there’s always room one day of the week for a slightly less healthy option such as grilled bacon or sausage, pancakes or jam with toast.

My 6 healthy breakfast ideas:

1. Eggs of any kind

Scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast

Eggs are high protein and really filling so are a great healthy breakfast option. Scrambled eggs are definitely a favourite of mine, served with wholemeal toast, and I like to make them on weekends when I have a little more time to make them properly – on the stove in a pan, stirred very slowly over a low heat until thick and creamy.

2. Mixed berries and natural greek yogurt

Mixed Berries with Natural Greek Yogurt

Berries (including blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries) are SO good for you! They contain high amounts of Vitamin A and C needed for healthy skin and to maintain both your immune system and metabolism. I like to top a bowl of mixed berries with 0% fat greek style natural yogurt – it’s thick and protein rich (meaning I’m fuller for longer). I’m currently choosing fat free yogurt to help aid weight loss but you can swap to full fat or low fat to suit your personal taste.

3. Porridge with chopped dried fruit

Porridge with chopped dried fruit

Porridge oats are a great staple for breakfast time as they’re so versatile and porridge is a quick, simple way to fill up first thing. If you’re gluten intolerant check for gluten free versions. Traditionally porridge is more a winter time breakfast for me but I like to enjoy it all year round, made with milk and topped with dates and figs (dates are sweet but figs are better for you as they contain a much higher fibre content). Add a little honey or agave syrup if you like it a little sweeter.

4. Muesli, banana and almond milk

Muesli, Banana and Almond Milk

Some muesli is full of added ingredients so choose one that contains no added salt and contains only natural fruit sugars for optimum health benefits. Muesli is naturally high in fibre, low in fat and contains oats which help sustain energy levels throughout the morning. However, remember muesli is still high in calories (as the mixture of oats, fruit and often nuts and seeds are carbohydrate dense) so it’s best to measure your portions. I always choose bananas to top my muesli as they’re also great for energy, are filling and full of potassium. Almond milk is a new favourite of mine as it’s naturally low in fat and full of vitamin E (for healthy skin and nails).

5. Overnight oats (with raspberries and almonds)

Overnight Oats with Raspberries and Almonds

Overnight oats (also known as breakfast oats and similar to the dessert cranachan) is one of my favourite breakfast dishes! Prepare this the night before and in the morning you’re good to go – you can grab this and eat on the way to work or if you’re in a hurry without worrying about missing the most important meal of the day. You simply mix porridge oats with yogurt (here I’ve used raspberry and honey yogurt) and layer the mixture with your favourite fruit (I use frozen fruit so it’s defrosts overnight). Then in the morning stir it or eat it as is. For an extra crunch I like to add a sprinkling of chopped or flaked almonds and for sweetness, a drizzle of agave syrup.

6. Tropical fruit, greek yogurt and granola

Tropical Fruit, Greek Yogurt and Granola

I like to change it up by adding different fruits to my breakfasts and one of my favourite combinations is mango with blueberries. I like to eat them together as a snack but for breakfast I top them with greek yogurt and a recent find – mango and macadamia granola – to make it a bit more substantial. I choose macadamia nuts because they are full of nutrients, healthy fats and are a good source of protein. Again, granola is another breakfast cereal that can have many hidden ingredients so I try to choose a healthier option with no added sugar or salt and weigh or measure it out before serving. Alternatively you can make your own granola – one of my favourite recipes is this Healthy Homemade Granola from Bless This Mess.

So which of the above gets your tastebuds tingling?

Also leave me a comment below telling me your own breakfast recipes or favourite breakfast dishes, I’d love to hear what you have for breakfast or brunch – is it very different to these ideas or perhaps you skip breakfast altogether?!

Thanks for Reading,

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