A Review of Phen24 – Does The Dual Pill Combination Really Work?

What if we told you there was a diet pill that could help you lose weight during the day and then keep helping you shed pounds while you sleep? When a diet pill manufacturer claims that their product can get rid of excess weight while you are lying in bed, it might make you think the claim is too good to be true. However, that’s exactly what the makers of Phen24 claim, and we have an in-depth review of this product that should help you decide if it is going to be right for you.


The Claims

Phen24Before we can evaluate if a diet pill is effective, we first have to look at what its manufacturer claims it can do. Many diet pills don’t really claim to do much, so to expect much from them is unwarranted.  For our Phen24 review, we went straight to the source to see what the makers of this new diet pill had to say about their product.

The most interesting thing you will probably notice when you visit their site is that there are two separate pills. One is for daytime use and one is for the nighttime, and they both have slightly different effects. They claim the daytime pill burns fat, provides energy and gives your metabolism a jump start. All those are incredibly helpful when you are trying to lose weight. The nighttime pill is supposed to help your metabolism as well, and it also is supposed to reduce cravings and be compatible with a healthy sleep schedule.

What we didn’t notice was any claim as to how much weight you can lose while on the pill. That’s a good sign, because anytime a diet pill manufacturer lists how much weight you can lose with their product, they invariably tell you what the peak recorded weight loss was. They like to use outlier statistics to get your hope up about using their product. We didn’t find any of that here, and everything the manufacturer has to say about this pill shows that the figures are not important to them.

They simply claim that it will help with weight loss, boost metabolism, reduce cravings and work with a healthy lifestyle. Even if you are already losing weight by how you exercise or what you eat, you should be able to lose even more with this diet pill. How much you can lose is up to you, since everyone is different. Even two people taking the same pill, eating the same food and exercising just as much will not lose the same amount of weight. Their metabolism and fat retention will be different based on their body type, genes and other factors that may not be able to be controlled. Just stating a possible weight loss result is not going to help anyone, and we applaud the manufacturers for not going this route.


Does Phen24 Work?

We’ve looked at the claims, and now it is time to see if they measure up. Can this diet pill really help you lose weight at night as well as during the day? The first place to look is at the ingredients. These pills have an impressive list of them, and they are all natural and FDA approved. That’s good for the side effects front, which is always a big concern when it comes to diet pills. While it may be worth it to some people to put up with some unpleasant side effects while taking a diet pill, it’s always better if there aren’t any to worry about.

That’s not to say that you won’t have to deal with some unpleasantness when you take this pill, but there have been no serious side effects reported with this pill. Still, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting on any diet or taking any pills, if you have a health condition you are receiving treatment for.

As for the ingredients, the daytime pill contains caffeine, zinc concentrate, iodine, cayenne powder, guarana extract and a few others. These work together to improve your digestion, get your body burning off fat quicker, pump your metabolism up a few notches and give you more energy to work with. Every one of the pill’s ingredients are carefully chosen to aid in weight loss.

The daytime pill enables you to work out for longer and retain less fat when you do eat. That’s not a license to eat whatever you want, but it should make for an easier time dieting.

The nighttime pill has some different ingredients, which is to be expected. You don’t want caffeine and cayenne powder in a pill you are taking before sleep, after all. Instead, you get ingredients like green tea extract, biotin, ascorbic acid, hops extract and other natural ingredients that not only work with your nighttime metabolism but also help you to get a better night’s sleep.

Any concerns that this pill will keep you awake should be tossed out, since some of the ingredients are actually chosen for their ability to counteract insomnia. So, you will be able to sleep better while burning off fat.


What Makes It Different?

You can probably tell by now, but this pill isn’t like all the other diet pills. The big difference is that it actually comes with two different pills- one for when you are awake and one for your sleep cycle. That’s important to note, since your body is still burning calories at night when you sleep but not in the same way as it does when you are awake.

This is a comprehensive diet pill that works around the clock, partnering with your body’s different metabolic cycles and making the most of every moment. You never have to stop losing weight and making a difference in your health when you use this diet pill.

Another way it stands out is that the ingredients are all natural. There are no artificial sweeteners (which can be very difficult for your body to break down and get rid of) or any manmade substances or stimulants that will keep you awake or cause unexpected side effects. That makes this diet pill one of the safest and most reliable ways to lose weight.


Will It Work for You?

Do you have concerns that this pill isn’t right for you?  It’s wise to be skeptical of any diet pill, but this one isn’t promising you will lose so many pounds by a certain date. It simply promises to help you lose the weight you don’t want and get closer to your goals.

How well it actually works for you depends on your dedication. You will get the best results when you take the pills regularly and live a healthy lifestyle. Some light exercise a few times a week and healthy eating habits can make a difference as to how much fat your body holds onto and how quickly you can shed pounds. Once you add in this weight loss pill to the process though, you can make a huge difference.

Not everyone will lose weight at the same rate, and that’s okay. You can set your own goals and move at a pace that feels right for you. Whatever you plan to achieve with your weight loss, though, this pill is going to make it easier on you.

This diet pill should work for anyone, no matter how obese you are, what your body type is or what your lifestyle has been in the past. Now, you are going to enjoy better results when you take the effort to eat right and work out, but even if you do none of that, you will still lose more weight than you did before once you start taking this pill. Even people who struggle to lose weight no matter what they do will be able to enjoy a better metabolism and less fat retention.

You should start to see changes in your body and eating habits shortly after starting on the pill. You should not need to eat as much, particularly in regards to late night snacking, which is one of the main contributors to weight gain for many people. While this diet pill may not work the same for everyone, it does work, and it is definitely something you should try if you want to lose weight.


The Verdict

When we looked at the ingredients and the effectiveness of this diet pill for our review, we were sold on it. Now that we have taken time to look at the money back guarantee, we feel the need to recommend it to everyone else. The manufacturer is offering a full refund to anyone who isn’t happy with the product after 60 days. They include the shipping time in their guarantee so you actually have as long as 67 days to get it back to them in order to get your refund.

Now, they will take out the cost of shipping, as you have to pay that for yourself, but everything else will be refunded. That’s true even if you used up most of the pills. Not everyone sees results at the same rate with this pill, so if you need to try it out for a few weeks before you feel you can give it a proper assessment, then there really is no risk to you.

However, it should work for you, no matter what your starting weight or body type are. If you have tried other ways to lose weight and not been happy with the results, then you really ought to give it a try. This powerful new diet pill is changing lives, and you can be among them. We wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to shed some pounds.


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