Fermodyl 619: A Review

Growing up you probably realized that natural hair does not behave. Most of us with natural hair struggle to maintain it and have experimented with various hair treatments in an attempt to control our unkempt manes. Of course there are also those of you who’ve subjected their hair to harsh treatments like consistent bleaching and hair dyes or you suffer from intensive heat damage because of which your hair is now dry and brittle. Let me just state that I feel your pain. You have three options to choose from here; you can either get a haircut (muffled screaming heard in the distance), try home remedies and try to learn from your mama’s wisdom or you resort to other treatments.

heat-damaged-curly-hairCutting your hair is a good idea if your hair is only heat damaged or ruined by product-buildup, but if your hair is naturally dry, rough and uncooperative then getting a haircut isn’t going to help anytime soon. When it comes to home remedies, they help but they aren’t equipped to handle hair that has months or years of buildup, so home remedies are at best a temporary fix. If you don’t plan on getting a weave and don’t want to opt for the other options, you’re going to have to try various hair treatments instead.

Natural hair has always been the most rebellious kind of hair and maintaining it is no easy task. While there are a list of shampoos to choose from, picking the right type of conditioner and hair treatment is necessary. Before you make your decision, it’s important that you know what your hair type is so that you assess its needs and then choose.

We will first look through the type 3 categories and then move on to the Type 4 categories.

  • Type 3A: Type 3A hair is more sensitive to frizz, so it’s always recommended to use light products that won’t be too heavy for the hair and will not cause too much buildup. Type 3A hair is best described as loose, loopy curls.
  • Type 3B: Type 3B hair is more defined than type 3A and their texture is denser and coarse which is why sulfate-free hair products are mostly recommended for this hair type to prevent buildup. The distance between each curl is smaller in this hair type.
  • Type 3C: Type 3C hair is best described as corkscrew curls and the distance between curls is the smallest compared to the other two hair types. Heat styling and other harsh treatments are not recommended at all for this hair type.
  • Type 4A: Type 4A curls is characterized by its “s-shaped” curls and is less dry compared to most natural hair types; however it is prone to coarseness which is why creamy moisturizers, conditioners and treatments are normally recommended for this hair type.
  • Type 4B: Type 4B appears shorter and condensed than it actually is; it shrinks down up to 50% of the actual length. The curls are “z-shaped” because of which they are more susceptible to breakage. Deep conditioning and creamy moisturizers best suit this type of hair.
  • Type 4C: Type 4C is considered to be the most fragile hair type. The curls don’t have a defined pattern but they can shrink more than 70% of the actual hair length when not stretched out. For example when your hair is stretched out, it’s actually 12 inches of hair, however when it isn’t stretched out, it shrinks down to look as though you only have 5 inches of hair. Normally protective styles are recommended for this hair type to prevent breakage.
Now that we have discussed the various types of natural hair, what each type needs is a moisturizing leave-in treatment. Leave-in treatments work instantly and can be done in your homes too so you don’t have to make weekly or monthly trips to the hair salon. They act on the hair’s cuticle and since they are light, they don’t cause extra buildup in the hair.

Fermodyl 619 is one of the many leave-in hair treatments offered by Roux. Other hair treatments by Roux are the Fermodyl 233 and the Fermodyl 07. Roux’s Fermodyl hair treatments have been around for a really long time, a few decades in fact and it has a strong history of positive reviews behind it.

Since Roux has been replaced by various renowned brands nowadays, finding it has become a difficult task but it’s still available on a few websites like Amazon.com but it tends to go out of stock quickly.

Most people recommend using Fermodyl 619 after towel drying your hair and the results are said to be instant. Fermodyl 619 is said to treat and is normally recommended for coarse, dry and tangled hair. Using it just twice a week is normally enough and you will find that your hair is already improving.

Fermodyl 619 resultsThe product comes in small tubes and each tube can be used during one sitting. The product itself is clear and has a light consistency, almost like water itself. Another plus point is the fact that it smells really nice unlike most leave-in treatments.

Majority of the people who have used Fermodyl 619 have nothing to say but praises and it’s considered a ‘Godsend’ by most people who suffer from extremely coarse and dry hair. The results have normally been instantaneous; most people rave over how their hair instantly becomes softer and more maintainable. Super curly hair is normally difficult to maintain and is prone to knots and tangles. Fermodyl 619 helps in detangling the hair, making it easier to style as well. Another advantage of using Fermodyl 619 is the fact that it helps limp hair by giving it that extra oomph by adding extra volume and giving body to the hair. Also, since the product itself is very light, there is no issue of dealing with buildup which is a major plus point for natural hair since it tends to get weighed down by buildup.

The only complain one can have about Fermodyl 619 is its price. Compared to most standard leave-in conditioners, Fermodyl 619 costs extra money. However, the amount of money you will spend using ten other different treatments instead isn’t really a smart decision either. Some users have also complained that the effects aren’t long lasting but results do tend to vary from different hair types and varies case to case. However, if you outweigh the pros against the cons Fermodyl 619 is definitely worth a shot.

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