Biotera for Long and Healthy Hair

thick, silky, flowing hairAccording to various surveys, your hair is amongst the first 5 things people notice about you when they first meet you. I’m pretty sure that makes quite a few of you nervous to hear because not all of us are blessed with thick, silky, flowing hair. There are so many hair types and most of them are prone to dryness and damage.

There are various reasons behind hair damage, which is why we’ll go through a few common reasons.

  • Exposure to various chemicals through bleaches and dyes damages the hair and ruins its natural texture.
  • Continuous exposure to heat also damages hair, this includes blow drying, straightening and curling etc. Excessive exposure to sunlight is also known to damage hair.
  • Using various products on hair leads to product buildup which in turn makes the hair dull and it loses its natural shine.
  • Hormonal imbalance also affects the hair and can lead to hair that is more prone to breakage and damage.
  • An unhealthy diet that deprives hair of its nutrition leads to thinning and turns hair brittle, dry and prone to breaking.

Homemade remedies passed down generations ago are no longer that effective against the damage our hair is exposed to nowadays, which is why people opt for different herbal shampoos that might help save their hair. This is where Biotera steps in, the Biotera hairline is basically a product of Naturelle which is a company that has been in the hair industry for the past 30 years and has made quite a name for itself.

biotera long and healthy reviewsWe’ll be focusing strictly on the Biotera Long and Healthy line which includes the Rich Lather Shampoo, the Daily Conditioner, the Deep Moisturizing Conditioner, the Triple Action Leave-in treatment and the Long and Healthy 3-minute deep moisture masque.

What makes Biotera stand out is that it doesn’t rely strictly on chemicals or natural ingredients for that matter. Its formula is a blend of the two, making it a pretty effective formula. All the products are under $10 which makes it really cost effective given how each product will last an average 2-4 months. Most of the Biotera Long and Healthy reviews we’ve come across have been nothing short of positive.

The deep moisturizing conditioner has been amongst the most popular item, with customers raving about how their dry and damaged hair had managed to come back to life after the first two weeks of use. Both the conditioners have gotten positive reviews on how they’ve helped to hydrate hair and to deal with frizz, smoothening it out and letting people feel less self-conscious about it.

We also found great feedback about the results of the shampoo when going through various Biotera Long and Healthy reviews. The shampoo when coupled with the conditioners makes hair appear healthier and fuller. The smell is also great and the effect lasts around 2-3 days even if you have naturally greasy hair. It also helps to deal with damaged hair but the results however are not immediate.

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