Best Handbags 2017-2018 – The Top 10 Handbags Everyone is Dying For

In the current era everyone is fashion conscious, whether you’re a guy or a girl, you will spend your money and your time on looking good, but the difference between men and women’s fashion is that women have many accessories to choose from. One of the most practical and essential accessories is the handbag, a woman’s outfit can never be complete without one, in fact, women are practically crazy about them. This is why fashion brands of all kinds release tons of handbags every season; this article is going to run you through the best handbags 2017-2018 is bringing to the market.

#1 Michael Kors Jet Set Top-Zip Tote

best handbags 2017Michael Kors is a renowned name in the fashion industry, they have produced some amazing looking fashion accessories including handbags, the Michael Kors Jet Set Top-Zip Tote is one that makes use of simplicity and elegance to make the bag look good. This bag is a great option for anyone who wishes to get a bag that goes along with a variety of outfits; it also has plenty of space to hold your items and has two adjustable handles.

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The Jet Set Top-Zip Tote is made of Saffiano leather which gives it an excellent finish and also makes the handbag feel nice to touch, the two handles on the top make it easier to carry your bag, giving you the option to either carry the bag in your hand or just wear it on your shoulder. You get two exterior pockets on the side, a zipped interior pocket, a compartment for your phone and three zipped pouches on the inside for holding miscellaneous items. The handbag is closed by a zip on the top; this makes sure that nothing falls out of your bag and also gives the bag a neat look.

The Michael Kors logo adds a finishing touch to the handbag along with an MK logo hanging from one of the handles. This bag has looks and practicality, making it a great buy for anyone who wants a handbag that can go along with most of their wardrobe and stay strong as different trends come and go.

The Top Ten Best Handbags 2017-2018 List

Product NameMaterialHandlesExterior PocketsInterior Pockets
Michael Kors Jet Set Top-Zip ToteSaffiano Leather2 Top Handles2 Slit Pockets1 Zip Pocket, 1 Cell Phone Pocket, 3 Pouch Pockets, Keyfob
Michael Kors Signature ToteLeather2 Top Handles2 Slit Pockets1 Zip Pocket, 1 Cell Phone Pocket, 3 Pouch Pockets, Keyfob
The Sak Sequoia Hobo BagLeather1 Top Handle2 Zip Pockets1 Zip Pocket, 2 Slip Pockets
Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Maise SatchelLeather2 Top Handles, 1 Cross-Body StrapNo Pockets1 Zip Pocket, 2 Slide Pockets
Michael Kors Kempton Medium Pocket ToteNylon2 Top Handles2 Zip Pockets1 Zip Pocket, 3 Slip Pockets, 1 Cell Phone Pocket, Keyfob
The SAK Indio Demi Shoulder BagLeather1 Top Handle1 Zip Pocket, 2 Slip Pockets1 Zip Pocket, 2 Slip Pockets
S-ZONE Women's Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Shoulder Bag HandbagLeather2 Top Handles1 Zip Pocket2 Main Pockets, 4 Zip Pockets
Anne Klein Total Look Small Cross BodyPolyvinyl Chloride1 Top HandleNo Pockets2 Main Pockets, 1 Zip Pocket, 1 Slip Pocket
Fossil Sydney Shopper Shoulder BagPolyvinyl Chloride2 Top HandlesNo Pockets1 Zip Pocket, 4 Slip Pockets, 3 Card Slots
Nine West Ava Tote BagPolyvinyl Chloride2 Top HandlesNo Pockets1 Zip Pocket, 2 Slip Pockets

#2 Michael Kors Signature Tote

popular designer handbags Another handbag by Michael Kors, this one is their Signature Tote that has a slightly intense look to it, but MK succeeds in making it work and look good. A tote bag is meant to be large and have plenty of carrying space, when companies try to make a tote bag they often end up making the bag way too bulky and compromise its aesthetics. Michael Kors, however, seems to know what they’re doing and have managed to preserve all the features of a tote bag whole also making it look very appealing.

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The Michael Kors Signature Tote has a plastic PVC body which is textured with MK logos; the body is about 11 inches high and has metal feet that protect the bag’s bottom from scraping against surfaces and getting dirty. You get two handles that have buckles on each side and can be adjusted to meet your comfort; the bag has two exterior slit pocket, one big zipped pocket that leads to the interior of the bag where you get a pouch for your phone and additional three zipped pouches for storing more items. There’s plenty of space in this handbag, making it perfect for women who have busy routines and needs to carry plenty of essentials with them.

The entire interior of the bag is fully lined, and its exterior has a very nice finish to it. This is one of the most popular handbags 2017-2018 has seen and will continue to be so.

#3 The Sak Sequoia Hobo Bag

most popular designer handbagsFashionable doesn’t always mean neat and elegant; The Sak is a company that believes in this philosophy and produces handbags that have a laid back look to them but not in a bad way. The look that the Sequoia Hobo Bag gives is one that isn’t easy to achieve; the company managed to make their bag look a little scruffy, but by no means ugly, it has a leather body that comes in a variety of vibrant and warm colors.

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An 11-inch shoulder drop further enhances this bag’s laid back and easy going look; anyone can tell by looking at the Sequoia that this bag is geared towards younger women who like to be fashionable but also to be different. You get a front zipper pocket on the outside and a larger zipped pocket that contains the bag’ interior. On the inside, this bag has plenty of space and multi-use pockets that let you carry a variety of items on the go. The Sak Sequoia Hobo Bag is going to be at the front of the latest handbag trends 2017-2018 fall, with its warm color selection and easy going look.

Its color scheme is further enhanced by its antique brass touch hardware and a dangling keychain that hangs from one side of the bag; you can detach this keychain and use it separately. Along with excellent quality and a very nice look, you get a very affordable price tag as well.

#4 Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Maise Satchel

handbag trendsThe next entry on our list is something that will appeal to anyone who wants elegance with a touch of class, the Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Maise Satchel is clean, compact and versatile, providing women with a foundation on which they can build any outfit. Kate Spade believes that a handbag is one of the most important parts of any outfit, their Maise Satchel is designed with this thought kept in mind, the bags spectrum of sunny hues makes it look astounding.

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The bag’s crosshatched leather body gives it an elegant and clean look that is further accentuated by matching trimmings. You can carry the bag by two Handleson the top or sling it across your body with a detachable shoulder strap that comes with the bag; you also get plenty of storage space inside the handbag’s zipped pocket. The entire interior is lined with polyester and has attractive designing that makes the bag’s insides look good.

One of the best things about this bag and probably one of the reasons why it’s one of the best selling handbags 2017-2018 is that the Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Maise Satchel is extremely versatile. You can take this bag to work with you and then attach the shoulder strap and take it along with you for some fun times on the weekends. The Maise Satchel is a great option for anyone who wants a sleek and fashionable look that is meant to last.

#5 Michael Kors Kempton Medium Pocket Tote

top-purse-brandsAnother entry by Michael Kors, this handbag has all the features of a tote bag but is made to be compact and easy to carry. When it comes to balancing between a handbag’s looks and its practicality, Michael Kors always pleases, the Kempton Medium Pocket Tote looks great and also feels great with its Nylon body and silver/gold hardware highlights; it’s leather handles make carrying the bag around pretty easy too.

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The Kempton stands 10 inches high; you get two front zip pockets, one large interior zip pocket, three slip pockets and one cell phone pocket. This handbag has more than enough space to let you carry all kinds of essential items with you as you work your way through the day. The handles on this bag have a 10-inch drop, giving you the option to carry it in your hands or wear it on your shoulder; the only downside to the handles is that they aren’t adjustable. It manages to preserve the classic Michael Kors look and the feel of a tote handbag but is also lightweight.

You have a variety of colors to choose from, each and every one looks good thanks to the bags nylon exterior which provides the bag with a sort of glimmer, the color scheme is further accentuated by silver or gold hardware and leather trimmings. You can find a Michael Kors Kempton Medium Pocket Tote for a low price, making it extremely affordable; this handbag is an excellent choice for women who want a style that they can integrate into their busy lives.

#6 The SAK Indio Demi Shoulder Bag

popular purse brandsThe Sak likes making bags that are stylish yet casual, if you’re looking for handbags to take to work with you or simply to look classy, then this fashion brand isn’t for you. The Sak Indio Demi Shoulder Bag is another creation by The Sak that incorporates trendy design and practicality into one item. It has a 100% leather body that gives the bag a pretty great look and also makes it robust and durable, the braided straps, dangling keychain and metal hardware finishing give the bag a very complete and stylish look that is unique and can complement most wardrobes out there.

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The Indio Demi Shoulder Bag’s body is 8 inches high with a comfortable 9.5-inch shoulder drop; the leather body comes in a variety of colors and textured designs that are inspired by Native American artwork. This bag’s overall look is greatly inspired by the timeless look of the saddlebag, meaning that you won’t have to worry about this bag going out of fashion. You also get a decent amount of storing capacity, there’s a zipped front pocket on the exterior, one large zipped pocket, and smaller ones inside the bag, and the entire interior is lined with 100% polyester.

Overall, the Indio Demi Shoulder Bag is a great bag for people who want a handbag that looks great and goes along nicely with most of their casual get-ups, another great thing about Sak is that they don’t go overboard with their prices.

#7 S-ZONE Women’s Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Shoulder Bag Handbag

top designer handbagsThe fashion industry is very dynamic; new trends are always coming and going that bring in new designs all the time. As a result, models quickly become old and go out of fashion, but there are always a few exceptional cases. One look that never gets old is the classy and vintage look. There’s something about classy that makes it timeless and lets it fit perfectly everywhere, the S-ZONE Women’s Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Shoulder Bag Handbag is a handbag that makes use of this fact and produces a vintage feel that can’t be found anywhere else.

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S-ZONE’s tote bag is made to look like bags back in the 70’s, it has a simplistic body made of 100% cowhide leather accentuated by silver hardware, two adjustable handles give you a comfortable grip on the bag, and you can even attach a shoulder tarp to make the bag even more versatile. Since its body is made of cowhide leather, it will become softer over time and slowly lose its shape, but to reduce the wear and tear, S-ZONE has fitted metal feet under the handbag. The bag’s interior is completely lined and has plenty of space; you get a pocket for your phone, a few additional pockets for other things and enough room to fit in something as large as a 14-inch laptop.

The S-ZONE Women’s Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Shoulder Bag Handbag doesn’t cost much and is a great option for anyone who wants a timeless class that goes with everything and has practical storage space.

#8 Anne Klein Total Look Small Cross Body

best quality pursesThe Anne Klein Total Look Small Cross-Body is a compact bag that doesn’t offer much in terms of storage space but has a great look to it and is perfect for taking with you somewhere on the weekend. It has a pretty small body with a height of 7 inches; this handbag doesn’t have any handles to pick it up from. Instead, it has a shoulder strap with a drop of 20 something inches. The body has a neat finish that is enhanced by manmade trimmings and polished hardware.

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The Anne Klein Total Look Small Cross Body’s name says a lot about the bag, it’s supposed to be small and shouldn’t be considered as an option for a primary handbag, the body is made of polyvinyl chloride, which gives the bag a nice glossy finish and also makes it durable. The inside of the bag is lined with synthetic materials and has a double compartment construction, that is closed with one big zipper on top of the bag, the exterior has one zip pocket on the front and a slip pocket on the back. The gold-toned hardware of the bag looks excellent in all three available colors; the contrast looks the best in black.

Manmade trimmings, a gold-toned logo, and other fine details give this bag a beautiful look; you can get one of these beauties for a minimal cost, making them an excellent choice for a secondary bag meant for light use and special occasions.

#9 Fossil Sydney Shopper Shoulder Bag

most popular pursesThe Fossil Sydney Shopper Shoulder Bag is a large bag meant for women who like carrying things around; it has a sturdy leather body with a classic shoulder bag look to it, the design itself is simple and isn’t meant to stand out a lot. Like the bag’s name bag implies, this bag is a shopper class handbag, you can keep it with you from the sun up to sun down and load it with all your essentials, you get plenty of space for storage with some compartments and enough room to fit in a 13-inch laptop.

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This handbag’s body is made of 100% genuine leather that has a clean and comforting look to it; Fossil is great at working with leather, and that can be seen in this handbag, the company gives a guarantee that the leather will continue to look good as time goes by. The bag has a 9.5-inch shoulder drop which cannot be adjusted and has all of its pockets on the inside except for one back slide pocket. The inside is closed off with a zipper and is lined with cotton; you get numerous pockets and compartments that let you carry loads of items and keep the inside of your bag organized.

The Sydney Shopper is a great option for women who have hectic routines and spend a lot of time going about; its aesthetics are enhanced by neat trimmings and a small Fossil logo. Feel free to take this bag with you to the office or out to the market for some shopping.

#10 Nine West Ava Tote Bag

best purse for womenThe Nine West Ava Tote Bag is a classic tote bag with a height of 10 inches but is wider than most tote bags out there; its width of 16 inches ensures that the bag has plenty of space in it to hold all sorts of items. Two thin adjustable shoulder straps make carrying the bag easy and allow you to adjust the drop length according to your comfort. This bag is designed to be elegant, practical and versatile; it has a pretty attractive exterior that is durable and goes along with pretty much anything and its interior provides you with ample storage space.

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The Ava Tote Bag’s faux leather body has a lovely finish and is accentuated by the minimalistic Nine West logo between the strap buckles. The buckles themselves have a chrome finish that goes along perfectly with the handbag’s glossy black body, metal feet at the bottom give the bag a better grip on surfaces and helps the bag last longer. There’s also a removable ID card holder dangling outside the bag; you can use it if you like or just take it off.

The interior of this bag is pretty spacious; it’s lined with fabric and broken down into three roomy compartments that give you enough space to store everything comfortably. There are multiple zip pockets, a couple of slip pockets and a magnetic clasp to close the bag and keep your things safe.

Things To Look For In A Handbag

The problem with handbags is that there are simply way too many designs in the market, fashion brands keep on producing these fashion accessories to make sure that there are always bags available whose designs complement the latest fashion trends. Handbags can also cost quite a lot depending on who has made them, but one good thing about them is that they can also be highly practical. A handbag not only serves as a fashion accessory but also as a handy place to store essential items that you need throughout your day, you can even store more fashion accessories in your fashion accessories!


Before you decide on buying a handbag, there are a bunch of things that need consideration. Firstly, you need to set a budget for yourself, the price range of handbags is just as diverse as the amount of different designs in the market, these bags can cost from around a few hundred dollars to as much as several thousand dollars, so set a price figure before anything else. The next thing that you need to consider is the bag’s look and feel, a handbag shouldn’t complement just one of your outfits, it should have a look that goes along with the rest of your wardrobe, allowing you to carry your handbag more freely.

Since your handbag is, after all, a bag, you should also take a look at its interior and find out how much can it carry. You can find satchel bags that hardly have any space in them and can bring nothing more than your phone, a few tissues, and other tiny items, but if you want something with more space, then you can also find handbags that have enough room to carry a bunch of bricks. The market is filled with bags of all shapes and sizes, so you can pretty much find anything that you can think of.


Now that you’ve read up on some of the top handbag brands 2017-2018 has and you have seen what they have to offer, you should find selecting a bag for yourself easier. If you want a primary purse, then it’s best to go for something that provides you with space. Most of the bags on our list are primary bags that give you a decent amount of space and also manage to look good. But the Anne Klein is an exception, and if none of the bags in this list are to your liking, there’s no need to feel disappointed. The market is flooded with all kinds of handbags, all you need to do is look somewhere else, and you’re bound to find a bag that is perfect for you.

Another thing to consider before you go out and buy a handbag is that some bags are designed with certain trends in mind, and thus only last as long as the trend continues, such bags have an unpredictable lifespan and should only be bought is you already have additional bags or plan on getting more. Then come bags with designs that last for a lot longer, the seventies inspired saddle bag is one such example of a handbag that never gets old, but if your fashion sense is good enough, you can pretty much make any purse look good. So browse through the internet, spend some time out in the markets and find a bag that makes your life easier and also makes you look good.

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