Top Ten Best Hair Straighteners 2017-2018

People have always been ready to go to extreme lengths to look good; someone even had the idea to heat up their hair so that it can be shaped and smoothed out; this led to the invention of the hair straightener. This article is going to give you information about all the best hair straighteners 2017-2018 has to offer.

Top Ten Best Hair Straighteners 2017-2018

Jose Eber World’s Fastest Flat Iron

best hair straighteners 2017Do you have rough, frizzy hair that is just impossible to manage and turns into a coarse bush every time you get out of the shower? If yes, then the Jose Eber World’s Fastest Flatiron might be the perfect straightening iron for you. This iron has plenty of features that make it worth buying, the most enticing ones being that it can reach its full temperature within a stunning five seconds and that once it reaches the set temperature, it can maintain a constant heat level throughout its usage. You can get this sleek and reliable hair straightener for less than $70 on Amazon, making it a pretty good buy. Check it out on

Jose Eber take packaging their products seriously, the World’s Fastest Flat Iron comes in a pretty premium looking box, the product also has a lifetime warranty, meaning if it ever stops working simply get in touch with your provider and Jose Eber will ship you a brand new one! This hair straightener has two iron plates that heat up to a temperature of 450 degrees, but you can adjust the temperature with a knob if that’s too much for you, higher heat leads to better straightening but can damage certain hair types. One of the handiest functions of this device is that once it reaches the set temperature, it can maintain that temperature constantly throughout use, this significantly reduces the amount of times you’ll need to run your hair through the flat iron and allows you to style your hair more easily.

At its price range, the Jose Eber World’s Fastest Flat Iron is a pretty great buy; you don’t get ceramic heating plates but other than that, this straightener is ideal for people with stubborn hair who don’t have a lot of time to wrestle with their hair every day.

Nicky Clarke Hair Therapy Straightener

best flat irons of 2017Hair straighteners tend to make our hair a lot more manageable and help us tame it, but the problem is that they use heat to do that and prolonged exposure to heat can end up damaging your hair. Many people over use hair straighteners and end up permanently damaging their hair. The heat robs the hair of its natural oil and moisture, eliminating its shine and making it go limp, the Nicky Clarke Hair Therapy Straightener is a flat iron that tries to reduce the damage caused by hair straightening without compromising on its level of effectiveness. Check it out on

Priced less than $70, the Nicky Clarke Hair Therapy Straightener is a great option for people who have sensitive hair or simply want to avoid permanently damaging their hair. It has plenty of great features that make it a reliable product, but one of its best features is its ability to help retain your hairs’ moisture and improve its health. It has two Tourmaline coated plates that provide a source of negative ions and far infrared rays that help lock moisture into your hair and protect your hair from damage due to exposure to high levels of heat during the straightening process. Meaning that you get to straighten your hair without having to worry about excessively damaging your hair, letting you look good without serious consequences.

This straightener’s max temperature is 230 degrees Celsius, which can be adjusted through a control knob; it also has a 360-degree rotating wire that allows you to use the straightener in a flexible manner without the cable getting in your way. Along with the purchase of a Nicky Clarke Hair Therapy Straightener, you also get a paddle brush, a tail comb and sectioning clips that help you in styling your hair. This straightener is a great option for people who wish to have manageable hair but are also conscious about their hair’s health.

Toni & Guy Professional Straightener

best professional flat ironToni & Guy is a pretty popular hair salon that is great at producing exceptionally beautiful and fantastic hair styles; they use high-quality materials and tools to get the job done and also give you the option to purchase their high-quality tools so you can replicate some of their styles at home. The Toni & Guy Professional Straightener is a promising flat iron that can straighten your hair and also take care of it. Costing less than $100, it’s pricey but is capable of producing extraordinary works of art. Check it out on

This hair straightener has some features that help it in keeping your hair straight and looking great; it has 25mm ceramic tourmaline plates that do an excellent job at maintaining even temperatures during the straightening process and also help save your hair from extensive heat damage by locking in each hair’s moisture. This device has a max temperature of 230 degrees Celsius that can be adjusted through digital controls. This professional straightener also has a color lock technology that helps maximize your hair’s shine and give it a richer look; it achieves this by smoothing out your follicles and locking color inside each one.

Toni & Guy provides you with a three-year warranty for their product, so you shouldn’t worry about any trouble for the first three years, their device is pretty well made, so the chances are that you’ll never need to claim the warranty at all. The straightener’s 3-meter long wire make it pretty easy to use at all angles, it also can heat up within seconds, allowing you to save precious time by shortening your hair making time. One thing that makes this straightener safe is it auto shut-off function, the straightener turns off automatically after 60 minutes, meaning you won’t have to get anxious about having left it on when you’re out somewhere. This high-end straightener is capable of producing some pretty remarkable results.

Remington Shine Therapy Hair Straightener with Moroccan Argan Oil

best rated flat ironsAnother great hair straightener that keeps your hair smooth and also maintains its shine and gloss. The Remington Shine Therapy Hair Straightener with Moroccan Argan Oil is a pricey hair maintenance tool that’ll cost you less than $120 but is loaded with a variety of features that justify its hefty price tag and make it worth buying. The device’s ceramic plates and fast heating allow it to provide your hair with a constant amount of heat that lets you style your hair without wasting time. Check it out on

The Remington Shine Therapy Hair Straightener takes flat iron hair therapy to the next level by using a variety of natural ingredients. Its ceramic plates are infused with organic Moroccan Argan Oil, which is renowned for its ability to make hair look incredibly glossy and vitamin E along with a variety of conditioners and moisturizers that evenly coat your hair during the straightening process. The result is silky smooth hair that has a fantastically glossy finish; Remington guarantees that their product gives you 86% better results than other straighteners in the market. You can adjust the device’s temperature and choose between 9 different presets that allow the device to accommodate different kinds of hair; the Remington Shine Therapy Hair Straightener has a max temperature of 230 degrees Celsius which it can reach within 15 seconds.

This straightener is ideal for people with sensitive hair or people who want to save their hair from heat damage. The manufacturers give you a 5-year warranty that can be claimed to replace your straightener if it ever gets damaged, a swivel cord makes using it easier, and a heat proof pouch lets you store the straightener safely. It also has an auto shut off function that turns the device off after 60 minutes, all these features and functions make this an excellent choice for your hair.

H2D VI Wide Hair Straighteners

top 10 flat ironsH2D is pretty good at making hair straighteners; their products are packed with all kinds of functions that make hair straightening natural and allow you to diversify the products use. The H2D VI Wide Hair Straighteners are some of the few hair straighteners out there that provide you with hair care, fast heating; tourmaline coated ceramic plates and components that produce infrared rays and negatively charged ions that help with keeping your hair healthy. This hair straightener also has a pretty high price tag, costing more than $100; it’s aimed at professionals and people who pamper their hair a lot. Check it out on

Another great thing about this straightener is that it has wide plates; a larger surface area lets you straighten more hair in one stroke and significantly reduces the overall time taken to straighten your hair. Having larger plates also means that the straightener does a better job at retaining heat; the device’s fast high-powered adjustable heat system allows it to provide you with a professional level of 230 degrees Celsius of temperature which can be adjusted to suit your hair. Once the device is fully heated up, it allows you to swiftly style your hair without exposing to excessive heat damage that can rob your hair of its shine.

An innovative ionic generator and a far infrared generator enhance the effects that tourmaline has on your hair, the device douses your hair with negative ions that help with sealing your hair and locking moisture inside of it, giving your hair a healthy and glossy look. A 3 meter 720 degrees swivel cord gives you a great amount of freedom while you style your hair and you also get a three year “new for old” warranty. The H2D VI Wide Hair Straighteners are high-end products that are aimed at dedicated hair stylists, but they’re also perfect for use at home due to their simple and easy to use design.

ghd Eclipse Hair Straighteners

top rated flat irons by professionalsIf you plan on going all out and purchasing a high tiered hair straightener that makes use of all the latest technologies to provide you with the perfect hair straightening experience, then consider buying the ghd Eclipse Hair Straighteners. The Eclipse series is the most advanced line of hair styling tools available in the market, the manufacturers have made no compromises when it comes to features and functionality, while this is all well and good, it leads to one major problem with the product, which is its price. The ghd Eclipse hair straighteners cost more than $300, making them more suitable for professionals. Check it out on

The company has incorporated a variety of technologies that not only make this product useful but also make it intelligent. There are a total of six sensors placed in under the straightener’s heating plates, these sensors regulate heat temperature and make sure that your hair gets an optimal amount of heat from root to tip. The Eclipse series are designed with the idea that better styling doesn’t necessarily mean more heat. Ghd’s straightener’s dish out a decent 185 degrees Celsius of heat; they believe this temperature is perfect for quickly smoothing out even the most stubborn hair types without exposing your hair to heat levels that can cause lasting damage.

The device has a premium price tag, but it also has a very premium feel to it, a wishbone hinge gives you perfect control on the plates and allows you to style your hair in a variety of ways, the has a decent cable length that gives you plenty of freedom while you straighten your hair. Overall, the ghd Eclipse Hair straighteners aren’t the most powerful ones in the market in terms of heating capabilities, but they have a variety of features that make them an excellent albeit expensive option for people who have easy to challenging hair.

Cloud 9 the Original Iron

new straightener that curlsYou might have noticed that as we go down the list, our selection becomes more feature rich and more expensive as well, the Cloud 9 the Original Iron is another excellent hair straightener that competes with our previous entry in terms of price. This hair care tool costs more than $200 and although it isn’t as loaded as ghd’s Eclipse series, it does have a lot of promise. Its ceramic plates are coated in minerals that protect your hair from heat damage and maintain their health; the device also has digital features that make using it easier. Check it out on

Cloud 9’s original iron is designed to be easy to use, its ceramic plates float in place and apply and even amount of pressure to all of your hair without any additional effort. The company has some unique and mysterious coating on their ceramic plates that increase your hair’s overall shine and gloss by locking in moisture, ensuring that your hair always looks better after you straighten it out. Perhaps the best thing about this device is its one-touch digital temperature control, which lets you choose from 6 temperature presets that enable the straightener to accommodate a variety of hairs, a LED display near the controls can give you a constant reading of the device’s current temperature.

Cloud 9 provides you with a heat proof cover that you can put on your straightener after use and let it cool without endangering any nearby items to heat damage; you also get a luxury carry case that looks great and makes taking the straightener around easier. A swivel cord makes handling the device easier, and an intelligent sleep function ensures that leaving the straightener unattended while turned on will be safe, the device cuts power to its plates after 30 minutes of inactivity. This hair straightener is an award-winning tool that is recommended by professionals everywhere.

Corioliss C3 Gold Leopard Straightening Iron

curling iron that straightens and curlsIf you have short hair, then the Corioliss C3 Gold Leopard Straightening Iron might be the one for you, its super thin and long titanium plates are ideal for quickly straightening out shorter hair, while its ion conditioning technology makes sure that your hair remains healthy and looks glossy. Costing more than $100, this hardworking straightener comes in a variety of colors, even a leopard pattern finish for people who are into that sort of thing. This straightener doesn’t have any extraordinarily unique features, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth buying, it’ll heat up within seconds and provide your hair with a smooth and silky finish once it’s done straightening. Check it out on

The Corioliss C3 Gold Leopard Straightening Iron has digital temperature controls that let you set temperatures from 135 degrees to 230 degrees Celsius depending on what your hair requires; a LED display shows the device’s current temperature at all times making adjusting the temperature even easier. The two floating titanium plates provide an even amount of heating and apply just the right amount of pressure on your hair. A negative ion producing function eliminates static and helps seal your hair and lock all of its moisture inside, not only does this give your hair a healthier look, but it also protects your hair from excessive heat damage that can cause split ends and all sorts of things that are a nightmare for your hair.

A professional quality 360 degrees swivel cord grants you a lot of freedom while you use the device, Corioliss also provides you with a heat resistant mat on which you can place your device while it cools down. You shouldn’t have to worry about accidently leaving the straightener on either since it comes with an auto-off safety feature. This straightener is a great option for people who care for their hair; its titanium plates provide a smoother straightening process that significantly reduces damage to your cuticles.

BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression Ultimate Styler

flat ironing natural hair without heat damageBaByliss PRO is a company that produces highly practical and useful products that conform to the standards that you would expect to see from high-end stylist tools. The BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression Ultimate Styler is a hair straightener that lives up to these standards and provides you with an enormous amount of practicality and functionality that makes hair styling incredibly comfortable and safe for your hair. The device has some digitally controlled heating presets that allow you to get the optimal heat levels for a variety of hair types. Check it out on

Early hair straighteners used to have iron plates that did a great job at transferring heat to your hair nut were terrible for your hair’s health since the iron would burn and damage hair with excessive heat. Modern hair straighteners make use of ceramic plates that are far more merciful but do a great job at straightening your hair; however, ceramic plates aren’t perfect. Ceramic has a rougher surface that damages your cuticles and ruins your hair’s health. The BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression Ultimate Styler has titanium plates that are incredibly smooth and do a great job at evenly heating your hair without excessively damaging it, its Titanium Ceratherm technology allows the straightener to heat up within 15 seconds evenly and once hot, the plates maintain a safe temperature throughout use.

This straightener has a maximum heat level of 235 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for almost all types of hair, a 3-meter swivel cord makes handling the straightener an easy task, and heat resistant mat with a storage compartment makes storing the device easier too. An auto shut off function makes the device even safer. With a great form factor that makes styling with this straightener incredibly comfortable, the BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression Ultimate Styler is worth buying for professional and domestic use.

Wahl Ceramic Coated Slim Plated Pencil Hair Straightener

good flat irons for black hairThe last entry on our list is surprisingly inexpensive, costing less than $50; the Wahl Ceramic Coated Slim Plated Pencil Hair Straightener is a small but useful hair straightener that packs plenty of power and is suitable for a variety of uses. It has ultra-thin ceramic plates that have a width of only 15 mm, making it a great tool for fine detailing and straightening out short hairs, the ceramic plates ensure that your hair doesn’t suffer from too much heat damage while providing you with an even amount of heat supply. Check it out on

This small hair tool can reach temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius, meaning that it can tackle a variety of hair types and can instantly smooth out small locks of hair. The device heats up pretty fast, making it ready for use within seconds. You shouldn’t think of the Wahl Ceramic Coated Slim Plated Pencil Hair Straightener as a primary hair straightener; its small plates make it more suitable for finer detailing of your hair or for smoothing and styling small lock of hair at a time. This hair straightener is suitable for men too since it is designed to deal with shorter hair more easily if you’re a woman who’s hair doesn’t need much straightening, but you do like to style your hair occasionally, then this pencil hair straightener could be helpful.

You get a 2.8-meter swivel cord and a lockable hinge that makes storage easier but not much else; this straightener has no temperature controls or any fancy functions that provide your hair with extra care; it’s a secondary tool that should be used to complement your other hair styling tools. If you have hair that is incredibly stubborn and requires a lot of time to straighten out, then this straightener isn’t for you, but if you’re looking for a simple and casual hair straightening tool, then the Wahl Ceramic Coated Slim Plated Pencil Hair Straightener is a great option.

Buyers Guide

Everyone has their unique style when it comes to making our hairdos, there a huge variety of hair straighteners out in the market right now, each suited for different kinds of hair types. On this list, you’ll find the names of professional flat irons and hair straighteners that professionals use, it goes without saying that the best brand hair straightener will cost you dearly, but the best hair straightener in the market is necessarily the one that the best for you.

Hair straighteners have come a long way, gone are the days when these fashion tools would burn your hair till it dies and goes limp, today’s hair straighteners are extremely careful with your hair. You’ll find all kinds of features that not only straighten out your hair but enhance their shine and make them look healthier. They’ve also become very light and compact.

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