The 8 Best Blow Dryers of 2017-2018

For those who don’t know, a blow dryer is simply an electronic device that is used to blow dry wet hair, people all around the world use it, especially after taking a shower, and mostly in instances when they have to go out somewhere right after the shower. There are a lot of best blow dryers 2017-2018 available in the market for you to choose from.

What blow dryer does is dries their hair using hot air. This hot hair can be set to different speeds, and this blow dryer works way better than actually waiting for your hair to dry out. Now the good thing about blow dryers is that they have been around for quite some time, and that has allowed the technology to improve a lot, and similarly, even blow dryers have gone a nice upgrade. Gone are the days when these hair dryers used to be big, bulky, loud, and terrible looking. The blow dryers in the modern day and age look stylish and are very portable.

However, the advancement has left the market quite saturated as there are so many blow dryers to choose from, and in order to make things easier for the readers, we have come up with a list of some of the best blow dryers available in the market.

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Now, we are going to take a look at some of the best professional hair dryers that are available in the market. So, let’s begin without wasting time.

List of The Best Blow Dryers of 2017-2018

Conair 1875 Watt Pro Styler

conair 1875 stylerThe first hair dryer on our list is the Conair 1875 Watt Pro Styler, and as you can see from the name as well as the power requirement of this hair dryer that it’ is aimed at people who need the best performance. The good thing about this hair dryer is that it doesn’t compromise on anything there is, we mean that it looks good, feels good in the hand and works well too. The hair dryer is available in two attractive colors; a black and silver, and a teal color. With the latter being slightly different in design and a tad bit more expensive.

There are a lot of reasons why this ended up becoming one of the best hair dryers for thick hair. One of them being the fact that the hair dryer comes with a very handy concentrating attachment that you can put onto the hair dryer to make sure that the airflow gets directed to a particular portion of hair where you are focusing the air on. The hairdryer also comes with speed, and temperature control, so you can set them according to your personal preference, something that is considered a cherry on top and earns more points than usual. Overall, this is a really capable hairdryer, and the price you’re paying for it is more than worth it regardless of the type of hair you have.

Remington D3190A

remington ultimate smooth hair dryer reviewsNext up we have the Remington D3190A, and while the actual name is quite a mouthful, we are just going to leave it at that. Now as compared to the hair dryer we reviewed earlier, this one seems to happen a slightly higher price tag, but after that price tag, what you are getting is a pretty solid hair dryer that is built for a lot of different types of hair.

Needless to say, the Remington D3190A is the best affordable hair dryer, and that’s mainly because it doesn’t carry an awfully large price point as some of the hair dryers that have become a staple over the years. The good thing is that this hairdryer is packed with nearly every single feature one would require in a hair dryer. And much like every other flagship hairdryer in the market, this one also uses a powerful motor inside, and in addition to that, also has speed, as well as heat control in order to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your money. It also comes with a small attachment that is used to make sure that the heat is concentrated on a particular part of your head, to get the best drying and conditioning that is possible.

Needless to say, the Remington D3190A is one of the best hair dryers that are available in the market, it’s affordable, sturdy, and comes with enough features to make sure everyone’s happy.

BaByliss Pro BAB2000

babyliss pro 2000 hair dryer reviewsWe are taking things up a notch and will be looking at the BaByliss Pro BAB2000, and while the hair dryer does have an odd name, the name doesn’t stop it from being one of the best hair dryer for curly hair, as well as hair of all sorts. This is truly a professional product, and there is a premium for that as well. However, do keep in mind that this particular hair dryer comes with a premium price, but that’s not a bad thing considering the amount of useful features you will be getting out of it.

As opposed to some other hair dryers in our list, this one comes with an even more powerful motor; whereas other hair dryers on our list so far only have a motor that can output 1,875 watts, this one is equipped with an even powerful 2,000-watt motor. While on the paper, it may not seem enough, but to be fairly honest, it’s better to have a more powerful motor than to have a weaker one.

In terms of features, you get the same extensive features including multiple speed modes, and in addition to the speed modes, you also get different temperatures in order to give away the best possible experience when using the hair dryer. Needless to say, the BaByliss Pro BAB2000 is one of the best hair dryers available in the market, earning a spot on our list.

Bed Head Bh407

bed head hair dryer reviewsWe are now looking at another amazing hair dryer, and this time, it’s the famous Bed Head Bh407. The reason we called it famous is that it happens to be one of greatest of all time, and while you may think that the pink/silver design is not at all attractive, it’s a matter of preferences. With that said, there are a lot of good things about this dryer, including the textured grip that a lot of people prefer, so the hair dryer doesn’t slip.

With that said, you do need to keep in mind that this only comes in one color, so if the looks are that important, you may want to consider some other option. The hair dryer uses the same reliable motor that is found in several of our favorite hair dryers, and it gets the job done as well as possible. You also get the usual concentrating attachment which you can use to focus on a part of the head. To make sure that the proper styling is done, last but not the least, the hair dryer also comes with speed, as well as heat control to make sure you don’t have to bring the dryer close, or far from the hair just to get the best possible results.

Overall, it’s a pretty good hair dryer that does more than what you are paying for, and that is a definite point in our book, and a reason it’s on the list.

Revlon Essentials 1875W Fast Dry Hair Dryer

revlon ionic styler 1875 watt dryerRevlon is a company that is recognized by millions of people around the world, and that too in a good will. Their hair products are one of the best, and most highly regarded in the fashion industry, and now the company is also actively taking part in creating some of the finest hair dryers we have tested. Today, we have the simply, and aptly named Revlon Essentials, and while it may seem like you’re paying a lot for this just because of the brand name, it’s not like that, and the hair dryer is worth it.

You get the same trusted motor that is found in most major hair dryers; the features include your usual mix of heat and speed adjustment along with a cool shot button that is used to make sure the hair are in place. The nozzle of the hair dryer is designed in such a way that it provides an even heat to the entirety of the hair. Although the dryer is pretty low maintenance, in case you are required to clean the dryer, you can always easily remove the end cap of the dryer, and once that’s done, you can go ahead and clean it. All in all, the Revlon Essential is a pretty nice hair dryer that manages to check all the tick boxes, and give a pretty solid experience whether you’re a professional or someone who needs to do things at home, it’s an all-rounder.


HIRALIY YL 8899 Hair Dryer ReviewThe next hair dryer on our list is the HIRALIY YL-8899 2000W, and while the name doesn’t give us a lot of information about how good the dryer is or isn’t, it does give us one good thing about the dryer, and that is the powerful 2,000-watt motor. Now in case you aren’t aware of the fact, most hair dryers that are available in the market are coming with 1,875-watt motors, and while even they are sufficient enough, there is always a relief to have some more firepower.

But that’s not all, the hair dryer is a looker, and is available in 2 colors; pink, as well as black. Speaking of the features, to be very honest, the most stand out feature is already mentioned, but for the sake of readers, we would like to inform that this hair dryer comes with the same speed, as well as heat settings as other good hair dryers in the market. There is also a cool shot button that is used to let out a shot of cool hair that is used to make sure the hair don’t end up being unnecessarily frizzy. Last but not the least, you get an excellent overall construction that is durable, as well as lightweight. Needless to say, you won’t be feeling any extra strain even after the fact that this hair dryer uses a bigger motor than most of the competition. All in all, it’s a pretty great hair dryer for the price you are paying and will serve you well.

Jinri 1875 Watt Professional Negative Ionic Blow Dryer

best blow dryers 2017We are now closing in on the list, and going to talk about the Jinri 1875 Watt Professional, this hair dryer does have a longer, more boring name, but let’s leave it at that. The good thing about this hair dryer is that the price to performance ratio is just too good, something a lot of people want, considering how hair dryers can sometimes cost a lot of money and fail to deliver on the performance. The hair dryer is available in a rather stylish and contemporary black and pink design, with black all over the body, and pink accents here, and there.

On the feature set of sides, you get the same sound quality 1,875-watt motor that is found in a lot of top notch hair dryers in the market, the motor is powerful and manages to maintain the lowest possible noise. You also get other useful features such as a dedicated cool shot button for your needs, as well as heat and speed adjustment buttons on the side of the hair dryer. Last but not the least, the hair dryer also comes with another great feature that lets you remove the back to do the cleaning and making sure the noise is at the lowest possible levels, and the motor doesn’t end up malfunctioning.

Overall, it’s a pretty good and affordable hair dryer which also happens to be a must buy for the masses.

Wazor Ionic Ceramic Mini Blow Dryer

wazor hair dryer 1875w ceramic ionic blow dryerThe last hair dryer on our list is the Wazor Ionic Ceramic Mini Blow Dryer, and this one is one of the best-looking hair dryers in our list. When we first got the glimpse of this hair dryer, we thought this would cost a lot of money. However, that wasn’t the case, as the price isn’t all that big in this otherwise fantastic hair dryer. To be fairly honest, the technology has evolved so much, so we see something similar in almost every hair dryer out in the market, and that is not a bad thing because it doesn’t harm anything at all.

Now as the name suggests, it is, in fact, a mini hair dryer, that is that it uses quite a smaller motor as compared to what the standard has become. Instead of using an 1,875 or a 2,000-watt motor, this one uses a single 1,000-watt motor to get the job done. We did have some concerns in the beginning, but after testing the hair dryer properly on a variety of different hair types, we can assure that it works just as good.

As for other features, you get the usual set of buttons including the cool shot button as well as the button for speed to give you the complete control over the hair dryer; you also get the ability to open the dryer and clean out, just in case. It’s a pretty solid hair dryer overall.


So, there you have it. Although finding a hair dryer in the market isn’t a difficult thing at all, however, it’s important to keep in mind that you are not going to have an easy time buying it if you look at the price and not the features. To be fairly honest, hair dryers don’t cost a lot, to begin with, and while that is certainly a good thing, you also need to know that it leaves us with thousands of hair dryers from different companies that look different but perform the same way.

The most important things that you need to look at the hair dryer when you are buying is how big the motor it uses. You should simply know that the bigger the motor, the better performing the hair dryer, however, at the same time, it’ll cost more than what would usually pay, and will overall draw more power. So, just make sure that whatever hair dryer you are getting in the market is good enough to fit all your needs, and doesn’t lure you by the looks, as well as fancy gimmicks. For starters, having a concentrating attachment is certainly a good thing, but is it worth the premium that you may have to pay? Just keep these things in mind, and make your purchase.

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