Just another Mani Monday

collection 2000 hot looks candy floss pink nail polish

Brights are back! This week I’ve been trying out a few of the new Collection 2000 Hot Looks nail polishes. Nail polishes claiming to be ‘fast dry’ bother me as 9 times out of 10 they dry in the same time as any other polish but these are genuinely quick drying – I was able to apply several coats in under a minute.

I wasn’t impressed with the formula though -two of the polishes (Fruit Loop (Peach) and Candy Floss (Pink)) were sticky and difficult to apply as they have large brushes that splay out offering little control. However, ‘Milkshake’ which is consequently my favourite colour from the three, was a gem to apply and gave a beautiful opaque finish after only one coat. Overall, for a quick on trend colour that won’t break the bank, they’re pretty good and definitely worth a second look.

(*Dress in background from H&M)

New buy from Boohoo.com

boohoo gladiator sandals 15 discount

I’ve spent a few weeks searching for the perfect pair of sandals – criteria: brown, studs, no toe-post, fairly flat, less than £20. And this is them! Boohoo.com are currently offering 15% off, (the code is FB15 which is a 15% discount and I think free delivery too but don’t quote me on the delivery bit! and ends on Tuesday 26th April).

I liked these sandals as they were the right colour and also I love the studded design plus they have the tiniest little wedge. They also have a zip up back so no faffing with buckles everytime I want to wear them. I think they’re super cute for summer and I will get a lot of wear out of them – a great bargain buy – for £15 minus 15%!

The Body Shop Shimmer Palettes 06 & 07

the body shop shimmer cubes palettes

I have two shimmer eye palettes from The Body Shop which really sum up my style of make-up. They are creamy powder shadows with four different colours in each. The colours are individually packaged in little containers so you can mix and match. They come in some really beautiful shimmery colours which offer little or no fall out of specks beneath the eyes.

Some shades are more pigmented than others but these work equally well wet or dry so if you’re looking for a brighter pigment then you can apply the colour with a wet brush and the shadow will still stay put. I may have mentioned before that I love bronze and golden eye colours as they really make blue eyes stand out and also I love using these metallic textures in the summer.

(Palette 06 l-r marshmallow, honeycomb, chocolate chip, dark chocolate)

(Palette 07 l-r rich bronze, dusted silver, argyle pink, ruby)

Do you like some shimmer in the summer?