Just another Mani Monday…

opi kyoto pearl nail polish colour swatch pro wide brush

This week it’s a double mani to show how you can get two looks from the same nail polish.

White is a massive fashion trend this season but while pure white nails can sometimes look like you’ve been at them with the tippex, I would choose a more subtle version like OPI’s Kyoto Pearl polish which is a pearlescent shimmery white. I especially like this polish because it is subtle and has a pro wide brush which makes it super easy to apply.

The second look is created by applying a matte top coat, E.L.F. matte finisher nail polish, which dulls down any shine and makes the colour underneath more opaque. I wasn’t sure how well the matte polish would work on a pearl colour – it’s certainly not as matte as cream colours but I like the overall effect.

Will you be sporting white nails this summer?

Born this way / Express yourself

I haven’t had a good couple of days. Picture the scene, after two days of sickness and migraine, I decide to make a quick ten minute walk to the local shop to stock up on fresh fruit and salad (oh yes, very good you’re thinking)… Now normally, I (think I) look fairly decent, clean hair, a bit of mascara, semi-matching clothes, but on this occasion after the aforementioned sickness and migraine and considering it was only a ten minute round trip, I decided to scrape back my hair and throw on a big jumper with leggings to hit the shop. Some people call this ‘model fashion’, others as you’re about to find out, have a different opinion.

Rant, Lady Gaga, Madonna

I approached the shop and two guys were sat in their parked van and with their window open, one said to the other, directing his gaze to me, “would you look at [the state of] that” followed by much laughter from the two of them. I was appalled and upset but mostly angry that walking down the street I was being singled out because of my appearance. I snapped. I shouted to him “I don’t give a sh*t what you think”, causing them to stall their van and driving away rather hastily. Normally I would shrug it off but I was pretty fed up and then I quickly found myself in another similar situation.

Inside the shop was a girl I can only decribe as a glamazonian brunette barbie doll, wearing (I kid you not) stockings and thigh high black boots. She was tall and had long flowing, glossy hair, perfect nails and makeup and most noticeably an amazing bronze tan. The shop assistants (all male) were being amazingly friendly and there was nothing that was too much trouble. I, however was ignored and when at the till, was made to feel like I was holding everyone up. Grrr.

The Glamazonian and I met down an aisle, looking something like a  western movie, me holding a banana and her holding a chocolate bar in some sort of modern day duel. She walked casually past me, then turned and gave me that look. Women know that look. The one that says, ‘I’m glad I’m not you’ and with her nose in the air, turned and walked away with an air of what’s best described as Bitch. I couldn’t believe that this fully grown woman, yes woman (because I can deal with snobby teens, in fact they are normally nicer in an oblivious kind of way) had the ability to make me feel about two inches tall with one look.

Writing this has helped me vent a bit, but it got me thinking about image and has incentified me to do something about the way I look. I know the problem is with those people and not me, but the reason what happened hurt so much is because I’m unhappy with my appearance in the first place. But the incident also made me think about two ladies – Gaga and Madonna (and the two title songs of this blog post, which are just made for a Glee mash up don’t you think?!) who have made such a massive name for themselves by looking unique and being true to themselves. Why are prettier people treated better? And why are (some) men morons when it comes to looks? OK, rant over!

New hair-do!

New hair do

I’ve been growing my hair for such a long time because I had envisaged having long flowing, glossy hair that I could wear in so many styles, but in truth it has been driving me crazy getting in the way and I have ended up either wearing it down and straight or up in a ponytail. Boring. So I decided to go for a change and choose a style with a bit more shape. Here’s the results…

New hair do

I ended up having six inches lopped off the bottom and a full fringe put in. I love it and I have taken much more time to look after my hair since having it done. What do you think of my new ‘do?!