Newbies on the block –

Inconsistent clothes sizes could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to new software developed by the company

misize - making jeans that don't fit a thing of the past
Alex Hutson, developer of MiSize, says “Recent research showed the number one complaint of women shoppers is inconsistency of fit. So I decided to create something that would take the stress out of shopping for customers.”

The Misize software can be used by online and offline retailers, individual brands, as well as shopping centres. Customers will be able to enter their measurements into the web site, which will then show them which garments and accessories will be a good fit for them. So, for example if a customer was to visit a retail web site with a number of fashion brands stocked on it, they would simply enter their measurements to see a list of all the items that would fit perfectly, as sizes currently vary from brand to brand.

And at shopping centres the system will quickly give shoppers the details of what will fit them via a printout, email, MMS, or App, and tell them where they are located. The information shoppers are given can also be refined with other parameters such as a defined price range, or colour for example. Other functions can also be added if necessary at the request of the retailer or shopping centre.

I personally cannot wait for retailers to start using this and hope they all start to pick up on the trend that technology is increasingly playing a part in our shopping experiences. This seems like an innovative and interactive way to shop and will be such a massive time saver on every shopping trip!

What do you think to the Misize way of shopping?

Foodie Friday – Chocolate and Almond Tart

Foodie Friday Chocolate Almond Tart RecipeI admit that sometimes I cheat when baking…particularly when it comes to pastry! This is a quick way to make a really delicious dessert using a pre-made pastry case.


  • One 7″ pre-made sweet shortcrust pastry case
  • 225g dark chocolate
  • 175ml double cream
  • 1 egg plus 1 egg yolk
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 1tbsp plain flour
  • 75g flaked almonds
  • Almond essence (optional)


  • Warm the chocolate gently until melted and then stir in the cream.
  • In a separate bowl whisk the egg and egg yolk together with the caster sugar and add a few drops of almond essence if using.
  • Gently stir the flour into the egg mixture until smooth.
  • Combine the chocolate mix and the egg mix, then follow by stirring in 2/3rds of the flaked almonds.
  • Pour the mixture into the pastry case, top with the remaining almonds and bake for 30 minutes at 180 degrees.
  • Leave to cool for 1hr before tucking in.

This works equally well as individual servings in ramekins – bake for 20 minutes and serve while still warm for a melt in the middle chocolate pudding.


Blog Award

Today I had a lovely surprise in the post from Azaria PR who have bestowed upon me their Bloggy Brilliant Award! This is my first award of any sort for blogging and it’s such a lovely thing to happen. The award itself is actually a biscuit with the award printed on it! Must…resist…eating…

azaria bloggy brilliant award
Awarded to “acknowledge your hard work and how dedicated you are” and in  recognition of “a blogger that has passion and a real commitment to creating a truly original blog.” I’m absolutely chuffed to bits and I know some people might not think it’s important but this is a real milestone for me :)

p.s. you can buy me a drink to celebrate here if you’d like ;P