Xen-Tan Review

xen-tan perfect lend custom self-tan and scent secure daily protection moisturiser

Xen-tan dark lotion has been on my wish list since last year as I saw so many beauty bloggers and youtuber’s giving it the thumbs up but at the time I was still using another brand so didn’t get around to buying it. I started looking at the new xen-tan range a few weeks ago (any hint of sunshine and I feel the need to tan as quickly as possible!) and was given the opportunity to try some new products.

Xen-tan perfect blend custom self tan is unlike any self tanning product I’ve seen before. It launches this month and is a two in one sunless tanner – a tube container split in two – one side filled with ‘fake tan’ and the other with a shimmer bronzer. At the top of the tube is a dial that you turn to choose how much product comes out and you can choose from just self tan or just bronzer and anywhere inbetween.

This is such a novel idea – you get to put on your self tan but if you’re about to go out, you can add a hint of the shimmer bronzer and you’ll have an instant glow. The shimmer bronzer is a gorgeous golden shimmer but very light, as is the fake tan formula. I am impressed with the smell of Xen-tan too…yes, it still smells a bit like any generic sunless tanner but a lot less so, it’s much less noticeable than other brands I’ve tried, and the colour is lovely and natural.

The Xen-tan scent secure daily protection moisturizing lotion has just launched and tbh I don’t know why a product like this hasn’t come out sooner! It’s a white moisturising lotion, suitable for face and body (I have been using both these products on my face and I’ve had absolutely no breakouts so thumbs up!) but it contains ingredients which are odour fighting so it gets rid of the fake tan smell and adds a light citrusy scent in it’s place. Both these Xen-tan products are firming and I can feel the difference when using them both. For my first time of using Xen-tan products, I’m really impressed!

For more details check out www.xen-tan.co.uk.

What are your thoughts on Xen-tan?

Easter Egg Hunt Competition 2011

After last years easter egg blog hunt I thought it would be fun to make it a regular feature and so this year the egg hunt is back – bigger and better!

To take part, browse around the blog to find easter eggs which look like this:

There are 14 eggs in total behind which are hiding 45 foodie and beauty prizes! When you find an egg, click on it and you will be taken to a prize page with details on how to win the prize behind that egg.

Please read all rules properly and have fun hunting!!

This competition is open from 12 midday on Monday 18th April and closes at 12 midday on Wednesday 20th April.
Entrants must be from the UK and over the age of 16.
Entrants must be followers of this blog (using the links at the top of the left hand column – either through google friend connect or bloglovin).

Good Luck!!

Foodie Friday – Layered Chocolate Mousse

layered white and chocolate mousse recipe topped with vanilla cream

This layered white and milk chocolate mousse is a really indulgent dessert but it’s also extremely light and fluffy – this is definitely one for chocoholics!

2 eggs (separated – reserving the whites)
100g caster sugar
100g milk chocolate
100g white chocolate
300ml double cream
Vanilla Essence
Grated chocolate, to serve

Melt both the white chocolate and milk chocolate in separate glass bowls (placed over a pan of gently simmering water making sure the bowl does not touch the water). Leave to cool slightly.

Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar and divide equally between the two chocolate bowls, whisking until thick and creamy.

Whip the double cream until thick and until it makes stiff peaks. Reserve one third of the cream, then divid the remaining 2/3rds into two parts – one each for the white and milk chocolate mixes. Fold the chocolate into the cream.

Stir 4-5 drops of vanilla into the plain cream and chill until needed.

Whisk the egg whites until stiff and fold half of the mixture into each milk and white chocolate mix. You should have a light and fluffy texture.

Divide the white chocolate mousse between 4-6 serving bowls, then place a large spoon of milk chocolate mousse into the centre of each. Chill for approximately 2 hours.

Add a spoonful of vanilla cream and grated chocolate to serve.