The Body Shop Shimmer Palettes 06 & 07

the body shop shimmer cubes palettes

I have two shimmer eye palettes from The Body Shop which really sum up my style of make-up. They are creamy powder shadows with four different colours in each. The colours are individually packaged in little containers so you can mix and match. They come in some really beautiful shimmery colours which offer little or no fall out of specks beneath the eyes.

Some shades are more pigmented than others but these work equally well wet or dry so if you’re looking for a brighter pigment then you can apply the colour with a wet brush and the shadow will still stay put. I may have mentioned before that I love bronze and golden eye colours as they really make blue eyes stand out and also I love using these metallic textures in the summer.

(Palette 06 l-r marshmallow, honeycomb, chocolate chip, dark chocolate)

(Palette 07 l-r rich bronze, dusted silver, argyle pink, ruby)

Do you like some shimmer in the summer?

Foodie Friday – Hot Orange Soufflés

hot orange souffles recipe

This is my first attempt at making soufflés and I had to share a picture. Not bad for a first attempt I think and it was quite exciting seeing them rise! I won’t write the recipe in full here as it was from one of my favourite recipe books (The Cooking Book) but the flavour from orange is really mouthwatering and the soufflés had a light and fluffy consistency. They took about an hour to make and then 10-12 minutes to cook…not something I’ll be doing again in a hurry but they were delicious!


Xen-Tan Review

xen-tan perfect lend custom self-tan and scent secure daily protection moisturiser

Xen-tan dark lotion has been on my wish list since last year as I saw so many beauty bloggers and youtuber’s giving it the thumbs up but at the time I was still using another brand so didn’t get around to buying it. I started looking at the new xen-tan range a few weeks ago (any hint of sunshine and I feel the need to tan as quickly as possible!) and was given the opportunity to try some new products.

Xen-tan perfect blend custom self tan is unlike any self tanning product I’ve seen before. It launches this month and is a two in one sunless tanner – a tube container split in two – one side filled with ‘fake tan’ and the other with a shimmer bronzer. At the top of the tube is a dial that you turn to choose how much product comes out and you can choose from just self tan or just bronzer and anywhere inbetween.

This is such a novel idea – you get to put on your self tan but if you’re about to go out, you can add a hint of the shimmer bronzer and you’ll have an instant glow. The shimmer bronzer is a gorgeous golden shimmer but very light, as is the fake tan formula. I am impressed with the smell of Xen-tan too…yes, it still smells a bit like any generic sunless tanner but a lot less so, it’s much less noticeable than other brands I’ve tried, and the colour is lovely and natural.

The Xen-tan scent secure daily protection moisturizing lotion has just launched and tbh I don’t know why a product like this hasn’t come out sooner! It’s a white moisturising lotion, suitable for face and body (I have been using both these products on my face and I’ve had absolutely no breakouts so thumbs up!) but it contains ingredients which are odour fighting so it gets rid of the fake tan smell and adds a light citrusy scent in it’s place. Both these Xen-tan products are firming and I can feel the difference when using them both. For my first time of using Xen-tan products, I’m really impressed!

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What are your thoughts on Xen-tan?