Foodie Friday – Chocolate and Almond Tart

Foodie Friday Chocolate Almond Tart Recipe

I admit that sometimes I cheat when baking…particularly when it comes to pastry! This is a quick way to make a really delicious dessert using a pre-made pastry case.


  • One 7″ pre-made sweet shortcrust pastry case
  • 225g dark chocolate
  • 175ml double cream
  • 1 egg plus 1 egg yolk
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 1tbsp plain flour
  • 75g flaked almonds
  • Almond essence (optional)


  • Warm the chocolate gently until melted and then stir in the cream.
  • In a separate bowl whisk the egg and egg yolk together with the caster sugar and add a few drops of almond essence if using.
  • Gently stir the flour into the egg mixture until smooth.
  • Combine the chocolate mix and the egg mix, then follow by stirring in 2/3rds of the flaked almonds.
  • Pour the mixture into the pastry case, top with the remaining almonds and bake for 30 minutes at 180 degrees.
  • Leave to cool for 1hr before tucking in.

This works equally well as individual servings in ramekins – bake for 20 minutes and serve while still warm for a melt in the middle chocolate pudding.


Blog Award

azaria bloggy brilliant award

Today I had a lovely surprise in the post from Azaria PR who have bestowed upon me their Bloggy Brilliant Award! This is my first award of any sort for blogging and it’s such a lovely thing to happen. The award itself is actually a biscuit with the award printed on it! Must…resist…eating…

Awarded to “acknowledge your hard work and how dedicated you are” and in  recognition of “a blogger that has passion and a real commitment to creating a truly original blog.” I’m absolutely chuffed to bits and I know some people might not think it’s important but this is a real milestone for me :)

p.s. you can buy me a drink to celebrate here if you’d like ;P

Newbies on the block… Gorilla Perfumes at Lush

lush gorilla perfume stand

From 8th April 2011, London’s Regent Street will be the only Lush shop in the world
to house the whole Gorilla Perfumer’s fine fragrance collection, currently only available for purchase online.

The range consists of ten different fragrances, including classics such as Cocktail, 1000 Kisses Deep, Love and Dear John.

1000 Kisses Deep (£11.00 for 10ml spritzer / £23.00 for 30ml bottle / £5.50 for solid) … is a deeply woody resinous perfume, with touches of exotic flowers and citrus. It contains an exquisite and delicate apricot-note from osmanthus blossoms, combined with a touch of mandarin-sharp citrus and deep resins, expresses the complexities of true love. It encompasses the whole spectrum of feelings and the powerful rush of emotion.

Superworld Unknown (£15.00 for 10ml spritzer / £32.00 for 30ml bottle / £7.50 for solid) … candyfloss and sparkling bubbles. If you feel down and need clarity, follow singer Karin Park’s advice and enter the Superworldunknown. It’s a panoramic world of possibility. Its impish combination of citrus notes and chocolate is like a surrealist dream of running away to the circus and escaping ties.

Cocktail (£15.00 for 10ml spritzer / £32.00 for 30ml bottle / £7.50 for solid)
… floral and green, a dress-up perfume. A homage to classic French perfumery, achieved using large quantities of natural materials. The leading lady in this scent is ylang-ylang. Cocktail is preparing to go out for the evening with a chic drink in hand. It’s the perfect companion after dark.

Inhale (£15.00 for 15g) and Exhale (£15.00 for 15g)
… available for the first time to purchase as two separate parts, together they form Breath of God (£32.00 for 30ml bottle), Gorilla Perfumer Simon Constantine’s first fine fragrance, created after his journey to Tibet and awarded 5 stars by Luca Turin & Tania Sanchez. It’s a unique
and beautiful perfume for both men and women and is also available as a fragrance on its own.
Inhale … with main notes of neroli, lemon oil and bergamot blended with fruity melon and floral notes of jasmine and rose, this is the mysterious, transparent, fruity-half of Breath of God.
Its lemon opening and a distinctive melon note create a modern and sophisticated feel.
Exhale … with main notes of Vetivert, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, patchouli and musk, is the intense wood-smoky base of Breath of God. Simon was studying the properties of incense and worked on an intoxicating blend that would induce reverence in all who smelled it.

Image courtesy of Lush

Other fine fragrances in the range include: B Scent, a stylish
combination of rose tempered with crisp citrus; Dear John, a mix of
citrus, coffee, woods and spices and Ladyboy, a unisex fragrance
with a quirky and sexy amber scent.

All fine fragrances are available
in 30ml bottle, 10ml spritzer and 10g solid sizes.
The Gorilla Perfumers fine fragrance collection is launching
exclusively in Lush’s Regents Street shop on April 8th 2011.
rest of the country will be able to buy online from

Full fragrance reviews coming soon!