New Beauty Buys

l'oreal elnett satin hairspray, batiste dry shampoo, boho, steve whatley's Zhuzh tan accelerator

I wanted to share with you my latest beauty buys all of which are new to me (except one, which is something I buy every summer) as last week on a trip to Cambridge I hit MAC, Lush and a few other beauty stores and made some (well thought out!) purchases.

A while ago I had a sample of I Love Juicy shampoo from Lush and I knew I’d have to get the full size version – it smells amazing, like fruit jelly, and made my hair so soft and squeaky clean. Lush describe it as a “Juicy, fresh fruit, jelly shampoo with mango, pineapple, kiwi and papaya” – Yum! I also got a bottle of Lush Eau Roma Water, a toner for dry to normal skin. I have combination skin but I always find I need extra moisture at this time of year and Eau Roma is great as a refreshing skin boost. It contains both lavender and rose water which makes it suitable for sensitive skin and smells beautiful.

My repeat purchase from last year is Steve Whatley’s Zhuzh Tan Accelerator which is a fine spray you put on before your spf and it decreases the amount of time you need to tan by bringing natural melanin to the surface of your skin. I already have a pretty deep natural tan and no longer burn in the sun and it’s thanks to this! I also got Batiste dry shampoo in ‘Boho’ – it has a really nice scent and it doesn’t show up in my hair now I’ve had blonde highlights. It’s a really good staple product for inbetween days when you don’t want to wash your hair and a must have for festival goers! I also picked up some Elnett satin hairspray – a product I don’t often use but this is now a regular part of my haircare routine. It’s non-sticky, brushes out easily, has a natural hold and adds a sheen to the hair.

Myth by MAC

Next up was MAC and I treated myself to a lipstick that has been on my wishlist for some time – Myth. Myth is a satin lipstick and has a nudey pink colour which comes out opaque but not heavy. The thing I love about MAC lipsticks, other than the incredible choice of colours, is that they smell amazing – Myth smells like sugary doughnuts (my interpretation of the smell, I’m not sure if that is deliberate on their part!) and Viva Glam Gaga smells like white chocolate!

Lastly I got a little intro kit to the new Benefit b.right! Radiant Skincare range. It includes three trial size products from Benefit’s new skincare range – Triple Performing Facial Emulsion (Moisturiser with spf 15), Foamingly Clean Facial Wash (cleanser) and It’s Potent! Eye Benefit Cream (to fade dark circles). I got this intro kit online (which is £7.50ish) and can’t wait to try it – it’s such a cute kit – great for anyone wanting to try out the new products or to take on holiday.

What are your latest beauty buys?

Garra Rufa Fish Therapy Pedicure Review

Garra Rufa Fish Therapy Pedicure showing feet and fish in tank

Yesterday I went for a new type of therapy which seems to be taking off in a big way at the moment – a fish pedicure! There has been a lot of press over this type of therapy which has put it in a bad light so I wanted to go along and see what it’s actually like for myself.

(Claire’s feet not mine!)

I’ll start by saying this treatment is completely hygienic and reputable salons will take you through the process, not only of what will happen during your therapy but about the filtration system of the tanks and our therapist (I say our as my friend Claire came long too) started (after we filled in a medical questionnaire), by describing what the Garra Rufa fish do during the ‘pedicure’ and made sure our feet were healthy.

Garra Rufa fish don’t have teeth so the treatment isn’t painful, they sort of swim across your skin and suck off all the excess dead skin cells as they go which is ticklish to begin with but you get used to the sensation after a few seconds. I was surprised as some of the fish were quite big and I had assumed they would be like tiny guppies but they were a couple of inches in length – I wouldn’t recommend this to the squeamish amongst you!

After the initial tickly feeling it actually becomes quite relaxing and the time went very quickly. After 15 minutes I removed my feet and applied foot lotion and then I opted to also have a foot massage and my toenails painted (in Seduce Me from China Glaze, topped with Northern Lights topcoat).

I paid £10 for 15 minutes of Garra Rufa therapy…which isn’t too expensive. However, results wise, I was left with slightly softer skin and some visible patches where the fish had worked their magic BUT I would have got the same results from soaking my feet and then scrubbing them with a pumice stone! This isn’t a must have treatment for me, but was fun for a one-off and I’d recommend it just for the experience.

Will you be trying the Garra Rufa Pedi?

Just another Mani Monday

models own shapeit buffit natural nails of the day just another mani monday

Today’s mani monday is natural nails! I think my nails look ok as they are and I always try to keep them fairly short and filed into shape but today I’ve used the models own buffer – the shapeit buffit – to add a healthy look and natural shine. It has 6 sides – white which is a fine nail file, black which is a coarser file and then four separate buffers to even, smooth, buff and shine.

(Dress in background from Forever21)

I love wearing nail polish but sometimes I just want to leave my nails polish free for a while so it’s nice to see them healthy and shiny.

Do you ever rock the natural nails look?