Lush – Street Party Bath Ballistic

lush street party bath ballistic

Tomorrow, I think there’s some sort of event on? I’ve heard it’s kind of a big deal so tonight I’ve decided to relax in the bath with a Street Party bath ballistic in preparation. OK, so maybe I don’t need a special occasion to use this bath ballistic, I am going to buy this in bulk at the weekend because it’s my favourite Lushy scent so far! Normally I go for the pink girly candy floss type flavours in Lush products but this has now topped my list of favourites.

I always smell Lush products and try to guess what’s in them before reading the description (does anyone else do that?!) and so on first inspection it seem like a lovely fresh citrusy smell with golden caramel and the ballistic itself is all sparkly with pink hearts in it (confetti?) and of course features a little Union Flag. The actual ingredients include Cognac (this may explain my sudden fascination) with orange and lime. It’s a really refreshing and uplifting scent and I’m slightly gutted this is only a limited edition until the end of April and that I missed it the first time around for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

Street Party bath ballistic is £2.95 available from Lush shops nationwide and online from April 2011 for a limited time only at

Also – look out for an actual Street Party happening in your local Lush shop the weekend of the 29th April – shops will be hanging out the bunting, giving out free tea and coffee and generally getting into the swing of the festivities!

Wait! What do you mean there’s a wedding tomorrow? Runs off to buy a hat…

Newbies on the block – Lil’ Bling Myface Cosmetics

blingtone single shadows from myface cosmetics

Did I or did I not mention earlier in the week that I love shimmer and metallic colours?! Myface Cosmetics have just launched their ‘lil’ bling’ range which comprises of matching shimmer eye and nail colours. Superb! There are ten colours in the range to choose from. Lil’ bling nail chromes are £5.99 and the single eye shadows are £9.99. Shown below are Purple Haze (top), Spice’y (left) and Bellbottom Blues (right) shadows and colour swatches.

I adore all these colours and they really are like having your fingers dipped into liquid metal and your eyes adorned with metallic jewels. The colours are intense and full of pigment to give a really striking finish.

(l-r bellbottom blues, purple haze, spice’y)

They appear to be pretty long lasting eyeshadows with little fall out and no creasing – just full on colour for an intense eye look which is bang on trend.

Bellbottom Blues

The nail colours are so incredible – easy to apply, fast drying and opaque metallic finishes after only one coat. The one downside I have found is that the nail tip wear was quick and very obvious when I had applied the Spice’y colour but other than that I have no qualms with the nail colours.


I do think £9.99 is pretty pricey for a single eyeshadow though, especially as I’d be very tempted to ‘collect’ all the blingtones to get all the nail/eye combinations! (Which range from white to black to gold to turquoise -all very pretty and wearable colours). I guess you get what you pay for and you could use these sparingly to still get a really intense colour – but I’m still not convinced about the price. They are beautiful colours though and metallic ‘bling’ is definitely a trend I’ll be trying to master this summer, how about you?

Purple Haze

Skinny Snacks

metcalfe's skinny topcorn chocolate trickle

Back in January I wrote this post about my top ten favourite low calorie snacks. Number ten on my list was popcorn. Recently I have discovered Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn (gourmet popcorn is taking off in a big way – you heard it here first!) which comes in four flavours – Sea Salt, Sweet n’ Salt, Chocolate Trickle and Wasabi.

So far I’ve tried Chocolate Trickle (I’ve not been brave enough to try the Wasabi yet!) and it makes a great alternative to crisps – it’s sweet and filling and it’s low in fat and calories. The bag of Chocolate Trickle flavour is just over 200 calories which is actually much much lower than if you had a bag of crisps that size, and it’s 40% lower in fat. Metcalfe’s will be on my sharing menu this summer at parties and bbq’s as a healthy treat.

Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn is currently available at stockists including Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Pret a Manger and Itsu nationwide, and online at