Disclosure Policy

Who, what, when, where, why and how I blog…

I’m Liz and I write this blog independently and I’m based in the UK. All blog posts on this site are written by me (unless otherwise stated as I do allow the odd guest post, although in which case I will be the one who has uploaded and edited it – I’m a multi-skilled genius).
I’m a blogger and not a journalist. The difference is that journalists (should) offer both sides of a story to offer the reader an impartial view, whereas bloggers offer true, honest, personal opinions. Which means I can write about anything I like and give my own opinions without giving a toss what anyone else thinks. That’s called freedom of speech.
Although I’m based in the UK and don’t have any ties with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) in the US, which has recently updated it’s rules regarding disclosures on blogs, I have still chosen to abide by them to regulate the way in which I blog. I even wrote a blog post about how other bloggers can comply with the rules plus join in the opportunity to be more upfront and open with their readers.
I accept free review products and samples from pr companies. I choose whether to feature them on the blog and if I do review them I will give an honest and personal opinion.
I have paid ads and affiliate links on the blog which may or may not be placed in blog posts. These will only be placed where and when it is deemed appropriate.
All other contest prizes (unless otherwise stated) are donated by companies. Monthly newsletter prizes are donated by me.
To maintain an honest and transparent relationship with my readers, I now offer a further disclosure policy using cmp.ly, which will be in the form of a button added to individual posts when products featured have been donated or sent for review.