Detox Diary: Day 3

The final day of Nosh Detox! I felt pleased when I woke up and realised I had made it to the final day. I know I was only following the detox for a few days but it hadn’t been easy and it was a whole new way of looking at what I put into my body.

I woke up feeling energised and my skin looked great. The bags under my eyes had improved dramatically. More skin brushing, herbal tea and then the dreaded castor oil and coffee were followed by a 9.30 juice.

Shown above is just one of the juices I had (1.30pm – made from apple, acai, carrot, lemon and ginger) and below are the sachets of daily herbal teas ready to be made.

Today’s herbal tea was mint – something I liked and was easy to drink. Again, it was nice to be having a hot drink as I still missed (regular) tea but I wasn’t craving food anymore, just caffeine!

My final detox bath was with sesame scented salts. Which felt (and smelt) like I was bathing in a chinese stirfry. Not the easiest thing when your tummy is rumbling but afterwards my skin felt exceptionally smooth and moisturised. If you’re a regular reader you will know I already exfoliate on a regular basis but using natural scrubs and skin brushing will definitely be something I’ll continue to do because it genuinely has made a big improvement.

Having the detox baths reminded me of Sitz baths – which I have tried when detoxing before, which is when you sit in a bath of reasonably cold water for as long as you can but wrap the top half of your body in a warm towel or jumper, to help aid circulation.

The hardest thing about this day was the evening, as when I was drinking my last two juices of the fast, everyone else was tucking into the usual friday night take-away. However I did stick to and did embrace the entire routine and the benefits are clear – on the morning after the detox finished, I got on the scales and I had lost 7lbs in 3 days. I didn’t embark on the detox to lose weight, my incentive was for better digestion and to have more energy but this is definitely a plus point. So on top of the weightloss I’ve had much more energy, better skin and I feel more relaxed.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my afterthoughts on the detox and an interview with the founder of Nosh Detox, Sangeeta Sidhu.

What are your thoughts on detoxing?

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Detox Diary: Day 2

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Day TwoI wake up and on looking in the bathroom mirror start to see the effects of the detox. I have heavy shadows under my eyes, but my eyes look whiter and clearer. My skintone looks the best it has in months but I am beginning to break out. All at the same time. The toxins are obviously trying to work their way out and I’m in a transition period – more water needed today to help flush everything out!
Again, I start the day with hot water, lemon and ginger and then embark on my first experience of castor oil. I swallow it quickly and nearly gag! It’s the texture more than anything that feels alien. I quickly drink my coffee to make the taste go away!
More skin brushing and then at 9.30 it’s the first juice of the day designed to rehydrate (and it has coconut in so I’m in my element!)
11am Full of energy, really buzzing and time for the next herbal tea – olive -which has very little taste but is said to have antiseptic properties to lower blood pressure.
12.30 and I am so hungry again, the same as this time yesterday. I have a hot drink and it seems to quell the hunger pangs.
1.30pm and it’s on to the next juice. I feel like I’m constantly drinking – whether it’s juice or water or herbal tea. Which means I’m running to the loo every half an hour.
I still feel full of energy though and at 4pm sneak onto the scales, wondering if I’ve lost anything. I see I have put on 2lbs. I haven’t cheated. Hmm…
At 4.30 I have the next juice which smells amazing, made from passionfruit and orange and at 6 I have my next hot drink. Inbetween I’ve been sipping mineral water. You get the picture!
Later I have a lemon and ginger bath followed by my last juice. It’s my first vegetable juice and I find it hard to drink. It contains avocado, carrot and coriander – all ingredients that I love, but blended together and cold in a glass is quite offputting. I drink half of it anyway because I’m hungry but end up muching on a few slices of cucumber as a substitute for the rest.

I realise that I have been having both positive and negative side effects from the detox. The strangest one so far is that I keep sneezing!

For the final day of my detox diary, come back and visit tomorrow :)

Detox Diary: Day 1

Over the next three days I will be embarking on a juice detox by Nosh Detox, a company based in London (see for more details). The basis for the juice fast is four philosophies – rehydrate, eliminate, heal and rejuvenate. As the days go on I will look deeper into the plan and what detoxing means, but I just wanted to do a quick introduction and let you all know what I’m up to!

Day OneI begin the day by waking up with a headache. Hmm…this does not bode well! But after a brisk bout of skin brushing and a drink of hot water and lemon, plus half a cup of black coffee, I’m good to go.9.30 First smoothie followed by a herbal tea made from Cascara Bark – it’s very bitter and I find it hard to drink, although it’s nice to be having a hot drink. 12.30 and my stomach is growling, I take a peep at the next juice I’m set to have at 1.30, made from pineapple, blueberries and mango – at least I have something to look forward to! I feel full of energy and a bit hyper! More herbal tea and sipping mineral water.1.30 2nd smoothie of the day – tastes nicer than the first one, not that the first wasn’t nice itself. I suddenly feel very cold and slightly headachey.2.30 Feel overcome with tiredness and take a short napWake up feeling refreshed and not sluggish as I normally do when first waking.4.30 3rd smoothie6pm I cave in and have half a cup of tea, I decide this is better than eating something and the least detrimental thing I can have – at least I’m not tucking into the biscuits (but I really want to!)7pm I have my first detox bath with marigold infused sea salts, I sit for 20 minutes in the warm and relax, then rinse off in cold water – quite a shock to the system!7.30 The bath has knocked me for six, they say it’s a strong part of the system cleanse and so I lie down for half an hour. I combine this time with listening to music – sort of in a state of meditation.8pm The final juice of the day and it’s a good one – I’m hit with an overwhelming banana smell, yum! I think to myself I’m glad all the juices/smoothies have been nice and filling and that my stomach isn’t bloated as it normally is at the end of the day. I finally go to bed at 10pm…with a headache – not the best way to bookend a day!

Come back to read part two of the detox diary tomorrow.