A weighty issue…

Today I got on the scales and had a minor panic. My reason for which is two fold – I’ve not got on the scales for at least 3 months because I felt somewhat happy even though I have put a few pounds on but decided I should weigh myself to start keeping track again, plus I am due to start another diet trial today and need to record the results.

I was greeted by an unsightly number and the ‘few pounds’ I thought I had put on was infact well over a stone. Oh ********! All that hard work earlier in the year…I’m so annoyed with myself…but it just goes to show that short term ‘diet’ fixes can’t replace good common sense and a balanced lifestyle because I’ve turned into a human yo-yo.

Today I’m waiting for my first BodyChef hamper to arrive, which is a weightloss plan based around fresh, healthy foods which are pre-prepared and delivered direct to your door. I’m hoping that through the convenience and portion control it should help me to get to grips with what I should be eating and propel me into a healthy lifestyle…here goes!

Detox Diary: Afterthoughts and Nosh Interview

I can’t quite believe I’ve made it through all three days of the juice fast! I feel in awe of people who can do this for the full six days (or sometimes even longer!) as it really is not to be taken lightly and puts your body through a very intense regime.

The main reason for me wanting to embark on a detox is because I have Crohns Disease (you can find out more details here) which means I have constant digestive problems and frequent stomach pain, coupled with many side effects – mainly that I feel tired all the time and can fall asleep pretty much anywhere now! I wanted to try something to gain more energy and give my digestion a rest.

I was lucky that I didn’t have too many side effects during the fast. I’ve tried detoxes before and have had horrible migraine headaches and felt incredibly sluggish but aside from the slight headache on day one, my mood has just been increasingly happy and I feel great.

It really has worked so well – better than I could have ever expected. In three short days I have lost my bloated stomach and tummy pain, my skin is looking better than ever and I feel really energised, plus I have lost an incredible 7lbs! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to gain a sense of wellbeing. Once you get over the initial hurdle, it feels fabulous!

Below is an interview with Sangeeta Sidhu and the Nosh team ๐Ÿ˜€

Tell me a little about Nosh – where did the idea of the Nosh Detox start?

Geeta: I started nosh detox because my son had really bad food allergies and had to understand how to give him the nutrients he needed. Then I put my best friend on the diet and she lost 3 dress sizes in 6 weeks – just from eating properly! So I decided to create a programme to offer it to other people.

Geeta Sidhu-Robb is the founder and CEO of Nosh Detox and her focus is on allergy free foods, nutrition, diet and organic produce. Geeta’s ultimate dream was to be able to walk into a shop or restaurant and have ready-made meals that her son could eat. With this in mind, she went on to spend two years feeding schools and offices within her local area and around the M25.

Geeta figured that if the food was good enough for the kids, it must be good enough for adults! And so in 2005, the highly successful food delivery service, NOSH Detox, was born.ย  NOSH stands for Natural, Organic, Safe and Healthy โ€“ delivering delicious food to peopleโ€™s homes and offices around London in the form of breakfast, smoothies, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Why do you think so many people are choosing to adopt detox plans?

People choose to detox for different reasons; they would like to lose weight, they would like mental clarity, balance hormones, maintain their good health, clean the bodys blood and lymphatic system and prepare the body for training.

Detox is often mistaken for depriving the body – what are the gains from doing a plan such as the Nosh Juice Fast?

The Nosh Detox aim is to clear the body of stagnant toxins and naturally revitalize the body. By doing a juice fast your body will get a chance to break down a back log of toxins because your body is not having to work on breaking down dense foods. This will give your body a chance to release toxins. When on a juice fast you can get old symptoms come up or new ones, they will pass as will some or all of your toxins.

Detoxing allows for relaxation and ‘me time’. What is Nosh’s idea of complete indulgence?

We at Nosh believe that unless you have a diagnosed health issue that stops you from having a 2 x week indulgence food treat, then go ahead treat yourself!! Now if you are on a juice fast or are working on losing weight then hold back the treats until you have reached your goal and then be sensible! Whilst juicing indulge yourself in others ways- ME TIME! Have a mineral bath, meditate, paint your nails!

What are your tips for a happy, healthy body?

Happy healthy body The Nosh Way โ€“ Live for the moment in time, do not do anything in excess, detox regularly, exercise and sip water throughout the day.

I hope you have enjoyed following my detox diary.

For more details on Nosh Detox visit www.noshdetoxdelivery.com.

Detox Diary: Day 3

The final day of Nosh Detox! I felt pleased when I woke up and realised I had made it to the final day. I know I was only following the detox for a few days but it hadn’t been easy and it was a whole new way of looking at what I put into my body.

I woke up feeling energised and my skin looked great. The bags under my eyes had improved dramatically. More skin brushing, herbal tea and then the dreaded castor oil and coffee were followed by a 9.30 juice.

Shown above is just one of the juices I had (1.30pm – made from apple, acai, carrot, lemon and ginger) and below are the sachets of daily herbal teas ready to be made.

Today’s herbal tea was mint – something I liked and was easy to drink. Again, it was nice to be having a hot drink as I still missed (regular) tea but I wasn’t craving food anymore, just caffeine!

My final detox bath was with sesame scented salts. Which felt (and smelt) like I was bathing in a chinese stirfry. Not the easiest thing when your tummy is rumbling but afterwards my skin felt exceptionally smooth and moisturised. If you’re a regular reader you will know I already exfoliate on a regular basis but using natural scrubs and skin brushing will definitely be something I’ll continue to do because it genuinely has made a big improvement.

Having the detox baths reminded me of Sitz baths – which I have tried when detoxing before, which is when you sit in a bath of reasonably cold water for as long as you can but wrap the top half of your body in a warm towel or jumper, to help aid circulation.

The hardest thing about this day was the evening, as when I was drinking my last two juices of the fast, everyone else was tucking into the usual friday night take-away. However I did stick to and did embrace the entire routine and the benefits are clear – on the morning after the detox finished, I got on the scales and I had lost 7lbs in 3 days. I didn’t embark on the detox to lose weight, my incentive was for better digestion and to have more energy but this is definitely a plus point. So on top of the weightloss I’ve had much more energy, better skin and I feel more relaxed.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my afterthoughts on the detox and an interview with the founder of Nosh Detox, Sangeeta Sidhu.

What are your thoughts on detoxing?

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