Sponsored Post: Will Marine Fluid Shine Free help control my Oily skin?

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Skin is typically categorised as being normal, sensitive, dry, oily, or having a combination skin type. Caused by overactive sebaceous glands, oily skin is considered one of the more difficult types of skin to manage, and many sufferers will endure a lifetime of careful skincare regimens, free from harsh skin products that can cause reactive seborrhoea and other skin complaints. Hot water and soap should be the base of any oily skin management regime, but there are products that claim to help and that claim to offer a degree of control over oily skin. It is important that oily skin sufferers take extra care when choosing a treatment, because poorly labelled or poorly manufactured creams and moisturisers could exacerbate the problem rather than help repair it.

There are many potential causes of oily skin, ranging from stress to hormonal changes, and simple genetics could prove a determinate factor. Essentially, there may be very little that an individual can do to avoid having oily skin, but there are certainly steps that can be taken to help reduce the problem and its effects.

Will Marine Fluid Shine Free Help Control My Oily Skin After One Use?
Marine Fluid Shine Free is made up of a series of marine and botanical ingredients that are proven to help balance pH level and oil control, without leaving the skin looking oily and shiny. It offers instant results, but customers that use it regularly are those that claim the greatest benefits, boasting even better looking skin, the longer they use it.
Users should clean oily skin using warm water and soap before applying the Marine Fluid Shine Free serum with fingertips. A sympathetic exfoliate can also be used, and the serum should be applied both day and night for the best results possible.

It is important to remember that while it is possible to control oily skin, sufferers should avoid the temptation to believe that there problem has been cured after applying the serum a few times. By stopping using the moisturiser, the glands will be allowed to create the oil, and the oil will be allowed to build up once again. Continued application of Marine Fluid Shine Free will help ensure that this does not become a problem.

Will Marine Fluid Shine Free Help Control My Oily Skin And Prevent Blemishes?
Oily skin has been shown to cause blackheads and a range of other blemishes on the skin. It can also give a dull and thick complexion, and usually means that a person has larger than normal pores. It is these open pores that can lead to further blemishes, because oil and other substances are allowed to gather in the pores and lead to blackheads forming.
Marine Fluid Shine Free utilises a range of ingredients to help control oily skin, and to provide a more taut and glowing looking skin. As such, it can help to prevent the blemishes that are caused by a build-up of oil and continuing to use the serum means that results will continue to improve over time, as existing blemishes are removed and oil levels are reduced.

Control Oily Skin
The Laser Treatment Clinic on Harley Street in London recommends using Marine Fluid Shine Free twice a day, and combining this with the use of Ultra Smooth Sea Polish three times a week to exfoliate the healthy skin. By following this relatively simple skincare regimen, it is possible to help combat the blemishes and the dull and lacklustre complexion associated with oily skin.

Sponsored Post: Christmas Party with #Lidlsurprises

Christmas Party with Lidl

If you’re like me, now we’re approaching Christmas, there will be a lot of festive occasions to attend on your social calendar. Over this past weekend I’ve had both a 21st Birthday Party and Christmas get together and as I was nominated to cook for both occasions I decided to have a little fun with my guests and serve them (unknowingly) a top notch Christmas style buffet from none other than Lidl! Below are some of the photos from the two events with a festive flavour plus my guest’s reactions once they found out it was a #Lidlsurprises buffet. For more inspiration and Christmas Recipes head on over to the Lidl website.

Currently there is a wide range of Christmas foods available in store under the ‘Deluxe’ brand so it was much easier to hoax my guests as they cooed over the table of nibbles. My guest’s ages ranged from eight to seventy and anywhere in between so I needed to cater to all tastes and dietary requirements.

For savoury foods some hits from the Deluxe Chilled range included the British Cheese Board, Scottish Oatcakes, Scottish Biscuits for Cheese and Italian Prosciutto. Plus favourites from the Deluxe Treats range included Strawberry & Cream Mini Shortbreads, Luxury Fruit and Nut Mixes plus Baklava (seriously, buy two packs of these (or more!) – they were gone in seconds!)

For dessert we also enjoyed a Deluxe Frozen Tarte Aux Framboises which easily served more than our 11 eleven guests and was fab with a splash of cream.

Lidl Christmas Buffet

Lidl Vegetable Crisps

Lidl Buffet

One guest reaching for another Baklava!

Lidl Deluxe Chilled Desserts

Our delicious desserts – these went down a treat with all ages!

Tarte Aux Framboises

There were a lot of guesses of where the food was from and when I announced it was all from Lidl, people were so surprised (even dumbfounded in some cases!) with one person saying they’d “never guess it was from Lidl, it’s superb” and another saying “the quality is fantastic, I”ll be getting some more bits in before Christmas!”

You might recognise this Christmas ad below from TV. Just like my guests, these guests had a hard time guessing where their Christmas drinks were from!

n.b. Products are available until stocks last, all prices are correct at time of publication and prices may vary by store.

All in all, I myself was blown away by the quality of the Lidl products and especially loved the cured meats and chocolate nut selections and I think just maybe I’ll be leaving out a Deluxe Baklava instead of a mince pie on Christmas eve so that Father Christmas can have a #lidlSurprise of his own this Christmas!

What Christmas food from Lidl will you be trying this year?

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*Sponsored Post* Foodie Friday: Celebrate French Week with Lidl

Lidl French Week

To celebrate French Week (25th September – 1st October inclusive), budget supermarket Lidl challenged me to create a meal fit for a family dinner party. I chose to go all out and not only made a French meal but in fact created a three course meal using Lidl’s French Week themed foods.

Lidl Store French Week


Assorted meats, cheese and fresh baguette, served with cider

Lidl French Week Camembert

This sharing platter is made from an assortment of cheeses including baked Camembert and Fat-reduced Brie with cured meats (also shown is Salami with Walnuts and Air dried Hazelnut Salami slices) and fresh crusty baguette. To wash it down I chose Cidre de Normandie Brut, a light dry cider and the perfect accompaniment to lighter dishes. I love this style of food as it’s easy to pick at and feels more informal with friends.

Lidl french week cider


Slow Roasted Pork in a calvados and mustard cream sauce with mixed vegetables, served with Hautes-Cotes de Beaune

Lidl French week main

I slow roasted a joint of pork with herbs, adding sliced apples, Chantenay carrots and onions around 40 minutes before taking the pork out to rest.

Along with a small mountain of Pommes Noisettes (light and crispy potato balls which were so good!), I also added a mustard cream sauce on the side made from the pork juices, 1tbsp Coarse Grain French Mustard, a big glug of Fine Calvados and a splash of cream.

The wine I chose to accompany this dish was the Hautes-Cotes de Beaune white, an oak aged Chardonnay with notes of butterscotch and honey to compliment the tender pork.


Madeleines, macarons and chocolate tart, served with french blend coffee

Lidl French Week Macarons, Madeleines and French Blend Coffee

For dessert I chose to create another sharing platter, made from a selection of sweet French delicacies including a warm chocolate tart, made using the Gateau au Chocolat Baking Mix, all served with a good dollop of fresh double cream. For those who wanted something less rich the delicate macarons and madeleines provided a tiny sweet hit, served with a shot of French blend coffee to round off the meal nicely.

Lidl French Week Chocolate Tart

Every dish was a hit with my dinner guests, with the Macarons, Camembert and Chardonnay the stars of the show. I’m equally impressed with the ease of use and quality of the French inspired ingredients. Plus for three courses it was an affordable £5 a head for six guests.

The Lidl French Range is available in store now while stocks last (and it’s selling like hot croissants), so be quick! All products mentioned are sourced where possible in France.

For more great ideas and recipes for French Week at Lidl visit lidl.co.uk

All French Range products mentioned:
Cidre de Normandie brut £1.99
Fine Calvados £15.49
Camembert Soft Cheese £1.19
Air dried Hazelnut Salami £1.79
Coarse Grain French Mustard 49p
Salami with Walnuts £1.99
Fat-reduced Brie 99p
Pommes Noisettes 99p
French Blend Coffee £1.59
12 French Macaron £2.99
Fresh Baguette 70p
Dried French Herbs 59p
Madeleines £1.49
Gateau au chocolat baking mix £1.49
Hautes-Cotes de Beaune AOP £7.99

What’s you favourite French dish?

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