A Review of Phen24 – Does The Dual Pill Combination Really Work?

What if we told you there was a diet pill that could help you lose weight during the day and then keep helping you shed pounds while you sleep? When a diet pill manufacturer claims that their product can get rid of excess weight while you are lying in bed, it might make you think the claim is too good to be true. However, that’s exactly what the makers of Phen24 claim, and we have an in-depth review of this product that should help you decide if it is going to be right for you.

The Claims

Before we can evaluate if a diet pill is effective, we first have to look at what its manufacturer claims it can do. Many diet pills don’t really claim to do much, so to expect much from them is unwarranted.  For our Phen24 review, we went straight to the source to see what the makers of this new diet pill had to say about their product.

The most interesting thing you will probably notice when you visit their site is that there are two separate pills. One is for daytime use and one is for the nighttime, and they both have slightly different effects. They claim the daytime pill burns fat, provides energy and gives your metabolism a jump start. All those are incredibly helpful when you are trying to lose weight. The nighttime pill is supposed to help your metabolism as well, and it also is supposed to reduce cravings and be compatible with a healthy sleep schedule.

What we didn’t notice was any claim as to how much weight you can lose while on the pill. That’s a good sign, because anytime a diet pill manufacturer lists how much weight you can lose with their product, they invariably tell you what the peak recorded weight loss was. They like to use outlier statistics to get your hope up about using their product. We didn’t find any of that here, and everything the manufacturer has to say about Phen24 shows that the figures are not important to them.

They simply claim that it will help with weight loss, boost metabolism, reduce cravings and work with a healthy lifestyle. Even if you are already losing weight by how you exercise or what you eat, you should be able to lose even more with this diet pill. How much you can lose is up to you, since everyone is different. Even two people taking the same pill, eating the same food and exercising just as much will not lose the same amount of weight. Their metabolism and fat retention will be different based on their body type, genes and other factors that may not be able to be controlled. Just stating a possible weight loss result is not going to help anyone, and we applaud Phen24’s manufacturers for not going this route.

Does Phen24 Work?

We’ve looked at the claims, and now it is time to see if they measure up. Can the Phen24 diet pill really help you lose weight at night as well as during the day? The first place to look is at the ingredients. These pills have an impressive list of them, and they are all natural and FDA approved. That’s good for the side effects front, which is always a big concern when it comes to diet pills. While it may be worth it to some people to put up with some unpleasant side effects while taking a diet pill, it’s always better if there aren’t any to worry about.

That’s not to say that you won’t have to deal with some unpleasantness when you take Phen24, but there have been no serious side effects reported with this pill. Still, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting on any diet or taking any pills, if you have a health condition you are receiving treatment for.

As for the ingredients, the daytime pill contains caffeine, zinc concentrate, iodine, cayenne powder, guarana extract and a few others. These work together to improve your digestion, get your body burning off fat quicker, pump your metabolism up a few notches and give you more energy to work with. Every one of the pill’s ingredients are carefully chosen to aid in weight loss.

The daytime pill enables you to work out for longer and retain less fat when you do eat. That’s not a license to eat whatever you want, but it should make for an easier time dieting.

The nighttime pill has some different ingredients, which is to be expected. You don’t want caffeine and cayenne powder in a pill you are taking before sleep, after all. Instead, you get ingredients like green tea extract, biotin, ascorbic acid, hops extract and other natural ingredients that not only work with your nighttime metabolism but also help you to get a better night’s sleep.

Any concerns that this pill will keep you awake should be tossed out, since some of the ingredients are actually chosen for their ability to counteract insomnia. So, you will be able to sleep better while burning off fat.

What Makes Phen24 Different

You can probably tell by now, but Phen24 isn’t like all the other diet pills. The big difference is that it actually comes with two different pills- one for when you are awake and one for your sleep cycle. That’s important to note, since your body is still burning calories at night when you sleep but not in the same way as it does when you are awake.

This is a comprehensive diet pill that works around the clock, partnering with your body’s different metabolic cycles and making the most of every moment. You never have to stop losing weight and making a difference in your health when you use this diet pill.

Another way it stands out is that the ingredients are all natural. There are no artificial sweeteners (which can be very difficult for your body to break down and get rid of) or any manmade substances or stimulants that will keep you awake or cause unexpected side effects. That makes Phen24 one of the safest and most reliable ways to lose weight.

Will It Work for You?

Do you have concerns that Phen24 isn’t right for you?  It’s wise to be skeptical of any diet pill, but this one isn’t promising you will lose so many pounds by a certain date. It simply promises to help you lose the weight you don’t want and get closer to your goals.

How well it actually works for you depends on your dedication. You will get the best results when you take the pills regularly and live a healthy lifestyle. Some light exercise a few times a week and healthy eating habits can make a difference as to how much fat your body holds onto and how quickly you can shed pounds. Once you add in the Phen24 weight loss pill to the process though, you can make a huge difference.

Not everyone will lose weight at the same rate, and that’s okay. You can set your own goals and move at a pace that feels right for you. Whatever you plan to achieve with your weight loss, though, Phen24 is going to make it easier on you.

This diet pill should work for anyone, no matter how obese you are, what your body type is or what your lifestyle has been in the past. Now, you are going to enjoy better results when you take the effort to eat right and work out, but even if you do none of that, you will still lose more weight than you did before once you start taking this pill. Even people who struggle to lose weight no matter what they do will be able to enjoy a better metabolism and less fat retention.

You should start to see changes in your body and eating habits shortly after starting on the pill. You should not need to eat as much, particularly in regards to late night snacking, which is one of the main contributors to weight gain for many people. While Phen24 may not work the same for everyone, it does work, and it is definitely something you should try if you want to lose weight.

The Verdict

When we looked at the ingredients and the effectiveness of this diet pill for our Phen24 review, we were sold on it. Now that we have taken time to look at the money back guarantee, we feel the need to recommend it to everyone else. The manufacturer is offering a full refund to anyone who isn’t happy with the product after 60 days. They include the shipping time in their guarantee so you actually have as long as 67 days to get it back to them in order to get your refund.

Now, they will take out the cost of shipping, as you have to pay that for yourself, but everything else will be refunded. That’s true even if you used up most of the pills. Not everyone sees results at the same rate with this pill, so if you need to try it out for a few weeks before you feel you can give it a proper assessment, then there really is no risk to you.

However, it should work for you, no matter what your starting weight or body type are. If you have tried other ways to lose weight and not been happy with the results, then you really ought to give Phen24 a try. This powerful new diet pill is changing lives, and you can be among them. We wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to shed some pounds.

Dermapeutics Hyaluronic LIFT Serum

As humans we tend to take things for granted really easily. When we are young and able we aren’t aware of how lucky we are until we start aging. Similarly, most of us never paid attention to how youthful or luminous our skin was in our 20s because we were too busy agonizing over one or two zits that would pop up every now and then. However as we enter our 30s and the collagen in our skin begins to sag as we keep growing older, we notice fine lines and what could be called the beginning of wrinkles forming along our face which means that you’re now transitioning into another phase of your life.

The thing with fine lines or wrinkles is that you can’t exactly cover with makeup like you can a zit or uneven skin tone, in fact makeup actually ends pronouncing them even more. This is where anti-aging creams come in, while they may work on fine lines, they don’t bring back that youthful oomph. So after jumping from one product to the next, I discovered the Dermapeutics Hyaluronic LIFT serum.

For those of you who don’t know creams are normally moisturizing and heavy, typically made by mixing oil with water and they may or may not contain active ingredients to address specific skin concerns. Whereas Serums tend to be more liquid-like and are water based and are easily absorbed by the skin because of their lightweight.

Dermapeutics Hyaluronic LIFT SerumDermapeutics is a renowned brand known for its skincare line and is known for deriving its ingredients directly from the earth, so their formulas aren’t just 100% synthetics and chemical. Their Dermapeutics Hyaluronic LIFT serum is amongst their most popular products. According to them their serum “brings resilience and youthful contours creating a beautiful lift to your face and eyes. Hydrates, and smoothens fine lines and, “plumps out” wrinkles.”

You can normally buy it at retail stores; however I got mine online for around $22 for the 1oz. serum, which I personally found to be a bit costly but most serums are normally around this price range so I suppose it’s understandable. After cleansing my skin I would take a few drops of the serum and then apply it to my face and neck. The product itself isn’t too heavy which is a good sign for me.

amazon-button1My skin is dry and sensitive and I was hesitant before applying this serum given how prone my skin is to adverse reactions, instead I was pleasantly surprised. My skin started appearing fuller and youthful, the fine lines began to fade and I could visibly notice the fine lines around my eyes disappearing. After two weeks of continuous use, the results became more pronounced and I felt as though it took years off my face. Another added plus point is the fact that this serum is also moisturizing, something my dry skin warmly welcomed. My only complaint is the fact that it doesn’t last as long, an average bottle was finished in 5 weeks otherwise I loved everything else about the product.

The Sungari Breeze Perfume

According to psychology, smells leave a more lasting impact than both vision and sounds. You can be walking down the street and the smell of someone passing by can remind you of a parent, a lover or any memory good or bad associated with a smell. The smell of a certain flower can remind you of a wedding, someone’s funeral etc. anything. That’s the kind of impact smells have on our memories; they can either make you feel warm or they can tear you up from inside.

Every woman should have her own signature scent, a perfume that makes her stand out, which she can be identified with. Female perfumes can be divided into six subcategories; fresh, fruity, floral, gourmand, oriental and woody. Things as simple as our mood and our body heat also influence our choice of perfume.

So no, it doesn’t necessarily have to be Chanel or No. 5; your signature scent can be anything that appeals to you. If you’re looking to go perfume shopping, we recommend going during the morning since your nose is rested up but most shops have coffee beans which you can use a ‘palate cleanser’ between different scents. If you’re looking to buy a perfume, it’s recommended that you consider your budget and how long the perfume lasts. A perfume may smell good but there is no point in buying it if its scent won’t last more than an hour.

If you’re looking to make your fragrance last longer, apply it on the warmer areas of your body like your wrists, your elbows, neck or behind the knee. Applying odorless moisturizer first and then using your perfume will also help to ensure that the smell lasts for a longer period of time.

sungari perfumeSungari Perfume is actually a creation of Maurices which you probably already know is a famous clothing brand with stores throughout Canada and the US. They’re known for their women’s clothing and it might sound weird to buy a perfume from what is essentially a clothing brand but we decided to give it a try.

The Sungari Breeze Perfume can be bought online and from any Maurices outlet, the 1 US FL oz. bottle will cost you around $15 which is really affordable when compared to other $100+ perfumes. According to the product description it is a luscious blend of white buds and fern leaves are woven together to create a cool splash, while mimosa blossom and purple tulips are uncovered lush passion flower, beach wood, and golden amber close this fragrance leaving you feeling warm and refreshed.

Upon application the smell is very floral and fresh which is a great feeling during these summer days since it’s a great way to raise your mood. As the smell began to settle, it smelled summary and will remind you vaguely of the smell of the beach. It can almost be considered a dupe for the infamous Victoria’s Secret’s “Bombshell” in my opinion. Another plus point is the fact that the scent actually lasted throughout the day which really takes the cake for me! So the Sungari Breeze has nothing short of rave reviews from this end.


Keraphix Restorative Strengthening Conditioner

Jennifer-AnistonOur hair goes through a lot and it’s a wonder how some people manage to have gorgeous healthy manes as they grow older. We no longer towel-dry our hair, blow dry is the way to go, then there’s the everyday heat styling, be it curling, straightening etc. each plays a vital role in damaging your hair. Then we willing expose our hair to harsh conditions every day, exposure to UV rays is also known to be harmful for hair. Then we constantly subject our hair to various chemicals in the form of bleach and hair dye and, it’s no surprise that we struggle to maintain our damaged hair.

So, we might not be that willing to quit our routine but we can start with the basics. Our shampoos and conditioners alone carry various chemicals that only give the illusion of helping our hair when in reality, they are actually doing more harm than good.  For example, chemicals like Polyethelyne Glycol (PEG) strips hair of its natural moisture, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) breaks down essential hair protein and reduces hair growth.

While we may be aware of the more complex names, what we don’t know is that sometimes the most unsuspecting ingredient plays a major role in damaging our hair. Silicone is a common ingredient in most shampoos and while it may have some pros, its disadvantages outweigh it. Silicone covers the cuticle of the hair giving the illusion of a shine when it actually prevents moisture and essential nutrients from entering the hair, which in turn makes the hair weak, dry and more susceptible to damage and breakage. Given its nature, it weighs hair down and increases product buildup which serves to damage hair even further.

This is where Nexxus steps in, this haircare brand has been in the hair industry for the past three decades and has built quite a name for itself, from both its salons and hair products. What makes it stand out from the rest is that Nexxus does not use silicone in its formulas so you’re not exposing your hair to harsh ingredients.

Keraphix Restorative Strengthening ConditionerWe’ll be limiting ourselves to the Nexxus Kerpahix Restorative Strengthening conditioner. An average bottle is around 13.5 ounces and you can find it for around $20 online. All Nexxus products give the best results when paired with its counterpart, so for best results use the Keraphix Restorative Strengthening Conditioner with the Restorative Strengthening Shampoo.

Results are visible after 2-4 washes and it’s recommended to use the conditioner twice a week. Its purpose is to provide collagen and various other essential amino acids to damaged hair which will serve to fix split-ends, restore the cuticle to its original form and to make hair less prone to breakage. It is made to cater exclusively for brittle, dry and damaged hair.

The Kerphix Restorative Strengthening Conditioner does the job to quite an extent, however, given how expensive it is compared to other conditioners, the Kerphix Restorative Strengthening Conditioner does not live up to its hype.

Biotera for Long and Healthy Hair

thick, silky, flowing hairAccording to various surveys, your hair is amongst the first 5 things people notice about you when they first meet you. I’m pretty sure that makes quite a few of you nervous to hear because not all of us are blessed with thick, silky, flowing hair. There are so many hair types and most of them are prone to dryness and damage.

There are various reasons behind hair damage, which is why we’ll go through a few common reasons.

  • Exposure to various chemicals through bleaches and dyes damages the hair and ruins its natural texture.
  • Continuous exposure to heat also damages hair, this includes blow drying, straightening and curling etc. Excessive exposure to sunlight is also known to damage hair.
  • Using various products on hair leads to product buildup which in turn makes the hair dull and it loses its natural shine.
  • Hormonal imbalance also affects the hair and can lead to hair that is more prone to breakage and damage.
  • An unhealthy diet that deprives hair of its nutrition leads to thinning and turns hair brittle, dry and prone to breaking.

Homemade remedies passed down generations ago are no longer that effective against the damage our hair is exposed to nowadays, which is why people opt for different herbal shampoos that might help save their hair. This is where Biotera steps in, the Biotera hairline is basically a product of Naturelle which is a company that has been in the hair industry for the past 30 years and has made quite a name for itself.

biotera long and healthy reviewsWe’ll be focusing strictly on the Biotera Long and Healthy line which includes the Rich Lather Shampoo, the Daily Conditioner, the Deep Moisturizing Conditioner, the Triple Action Leave-in treatment and the Long and Healthy 3-minute deep moisture masque.

What makes Biotera stand out is that it doesn’t rely strictly on chemicals or natural ingredients for that matter. Its formula is a blend of the two, making it a pretty effective formula. All the products are under $10 which makes it really cost effective given how each product will last an average 2-4 months. Most of the Biotera Long and Healthy reviews we’ve come across have been nothing short of positive.

The deep moisturizing conditioner has been amongst the most popular item, with customers raving about how their dry and damaged hair had managed to come back to life after the first two weeks of use. Both the conditioners have gotten positive reviews on how they’ve helped to hydrate hair and to deal with frizz, smoothening it out and letting people feel less self-conscious about it.

We also found great feedback about the results of the shampoo when going through various Biotera Long and Healthy reviews. The shampoo when coupled with the conditioners makes hair appear healthier and fuller. The smell is also great and the effect lasts around 2-3 days even if you have naturally greasy hair. It also helps to deal with damaged hair but the results however are not immediate.

Rusk Thickr Myst: What You Need to Know

disney-princess_236833_12Everyone wants to achieve that thick dreamy ‘Disney princess’ kind of hair with little to no effort. While some people are blessed with gorgeous manes, they still need to work on its maintenance, since there is a fine line between looking like you stepped out of a Disney fairytale and looking like the lion king. Then there are people who naturally have fine, limp hair; it’s been that way all their life and they have to go through a lot of products to make their hair appear somewhat fuller. Then there’s the third category, it includes those unlucky females who used to have relatively fuller hair and then for reasons unknown, lost their volume.

Hence, we women then resort to either homemade remedies or various kinds of products and salon treatments. After going through multiple products and then going through various forums, I happened to stumble upon the Rusk Thickr Myst and given that it’s $14 for a 6oz bottle, I decided to give it a try. Rusk Thickr Myst is a spray-on product that aims to maximize volume for thin and fine hair. It also adds shine, deals with texture and helps deal with damaged ends.

Rusk Thickr MystWhat I noticed after my first few times is that Rusk Thickr Myst is actually heat activated and the best results are achieved after towel drying your hair, spraying a moderate amount of formula and then blow drying your hair from the roots to the tips.

My experience with Rusk Thickr Myst was a pretty good one overall, it did almost everything it claimed it would. My hair had more body and it appeared healthier than it actually is and it didn’t make the fact that I was using any product at all visible. It almost looked as though I naturally had hair that thick and voluminous which is every woman’s dream come true. The effect of the products lasts up to 2-3 days, which is a decent amount of time in my opinion.

The formula of the product itself is very light and it does not weigh down your hair at all after applying it. It also didn’t leave any sticky feeling in the hair afterwards like most hair thickening products do, unless you go overboard with the product of course. Another thing I feel I should address is that Rusk Thickr Myst does not leave your hair feeling dry after you’ve applied it, which makes it stand out from other products. Rusk Thickr Myst also doubles as a texturizing spray too given how it gives hair that extra body and makes it more manageable. It also makes the entire process of styling your hair a lot easier, given how it settles all the stray strands and flyaways too.

However, it doesn’t work as well if you’re styling your hair with a flat iron and the product gets finished within 4-6 weeks too. All in all, I’d definitely recommend the Rusk Thickr mist for use.

Reviewing the Kenra Daily Provision

Ever looked at various commercials or TV shows and envied the models and celebrities in them because they look so perfect from head to toe meanwhile you can’t even color coordinate your outfits? We’ve been there. Similarly, ever stared at someone’s hair and wonder how they manage to maintain their hair so perfectly while you struggle with a case of permanent bedhead? We’ve definitely been there.

e19b107500b0a5e8bff7529f757eb2bcAccording to a number of surveys, your hair is among the first 5 things people notice about you. So, your hair speaks a lot about you without you even realizing. Well-kept, healthy hair is considered a strong desirable trait so you might want to work on that department too. We’ve all tried home remedies passed down from our families but given the increase in pollutants and harsh sunlight today, they don’t work as effectively as they used to back in the day.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one way to keep your hair in check since you’re providing your hair with all the nutrients it needs but our hair isn’t only affected by our eating choices. Our hair is also affected by chemicals in various dyes and heat styling etc.

This is where Kenra steps in, Kenra Professional has been serving the hair industry since 1929 and has produced various award winning hair products along the way. However, we’ll only be focusing on the Kenra Daily Provision which is their leave-in conditioner. It can normally be bought online for around $15 from most websites. It can be used on both wet/damp hair and dry hair as well, all you have to do is spray the formula on your hair and then style your hair as you usually do; you can even style your hair and then spray Kenra Daily Provision on it.

Kenra Daily ProvisionKenra Daily Provision promises to improve hair health and texture, to smoothen and to avoid further damage. It also helps to protect the hair from harsh UV rays which most people don’t know, tends to damage the hair a lot, it also helps to protect your hair from humidity which is a Godsend for people with curly hair. What we loved about the formula was how light it was, it didn’t weigh down the hair and it helped to tame flyaways too, the smell is an added bonus.

Our experience with Kenra Daily Provision matched almost every other customer’s reviews too. Since most of us have dry, curly hair, it’s more susceptible to knots and of course split ends and breakages are a very common issue. When we first tested the Kenra Daily Provision, our frizz immediately began to smoothen out and the entire process of detangling our hair became effortless, as though the very texture of our hair changed. An advantage of leave-in conditioners is that it is a great option for women with busy work schedules since they don’t have the time to properly maintain their hair regularly. Besides 8oz of product for $15 is a major steal in our opinion.

Dermisa Brightening Cream Review

If we go back around 30 or 40 years from now, our skin wouldn’t have been in its current, hideous state. Now with the rise in pollution coupled with various other factors, our skin suffers now more than ever. It’s during moments like these when you look in the mirror, you sigh and wish that you appreciated your healthy skin while it lasted when you were a kid. After dealing with puberty and the cocktail of hormones, we’re normally left with acne scars, freckles and other discolored portions on our faces regardless of how much sunblock we may have applied.

eb6108_b88e30ac0f15b65e949a7c64ed63783dSadly it’s not just our face that suffers, overtime we develop an uneven tan or discoloration around various other parts of our body. The most common trouble areas include the elbows, knees, armpits and the bikini area. Not all of us are comfortable with the idea of dealing with discoloration and it really takes a blow on one’s confidence too. So, we try to fix it. Some people use home remedies that consist of rubbing lemon and other citrus based fruits and vegetables on the affected areas. Some people opt for salon treatment which normally consists of using bleach which can damage skin in the long run and might not also suit some skin types. Lastly, you can resort to using brightening/whitening creams.

However, not every method or cream is made to suit your skin type, each skin type reacts differently to different products so it’s important to know your skin type before you start using it. There are basically 5 skin types:

  • Normal Skin: Normal skin does not have any traces of oil (sebum) on it, it also does not crack if not provided with a moisturizer. Any type of product or treatment can be used on this skin type, there are no restrictions when it comes to what should and shouldn’t be used.
  • Dry Skin: Skin is flaky in this skin type. It also feels tight after it is washed, this is due to the lack of sebum in the skin. Bleach is not recommended for this type of skin, moisturizer based products are preferred for this skin type.
  • Oily Skin: There are visible traces of oil (sebum) on the skin due to excessive discharge from the sebaceous glands. Gentle cleansers are recommended for this skin type and moisturizer-based products are only to be used during winters.
  • Sensitive Skin: This skin type becomes irritated easily and very few products suit this skin type. Mostly gentle cleansers and moisturizers are recommended.
  • Combination Skin: It is a mix between two different skin types. Normally oily skin is paired with a different skin type. The sebaceous glands are only active on the forehead and nose (aka the T-zone). Each skin type is handled differently however depending on the case.

19-suntanRegardless of which skin type you do happen to fall into, you also will suffer from uneven skin tone and you probably hide it under concealer and foundation too, which is alright but it’s even better to just nip the problem in the bud. Sadly, in my case homemade remedies never worked and with my sensitive skin, I can’t even imagine getting bleached so, I decided to go the third route. Which is why we’re discussing whitening creams. Now a good whitening cream should aim to reduce all forms of unwanted hyperpigmentation (discoloration) regardless of whether it is for acne scars, freckles, age spots or any other reason. When it comes to discoloration around body parts other than the face then friction is primarily the main cause behind it, which explains why the skin around our underarms, thighs and bikini area is discolored.

dermisa brightening cream reviewsHowever, it’s important to understand that a brightness cream or any kind of fairness cream for that matter will only target your discolored areas and restore them to your natural skin tone. They cannot change your natural skin tone, so you can’t expect to achieve a skin tone lighter than your actual skin tone.

The Dermisa skincare line comes under Montani Cosmetics Inc. and its most famous product is the Dermisa Skin fade which works on acne scars etc. However, we decided to try the Dermisa Brightening cream since an uneven skin tone trumps acne scars and Dermisa Brightening Cream claimed to tackle those too, so might as well hit two birds with one stone.

Dermisa brightening cream claims to handle hyperpigmentation in both the face and other parts of the body. It’s also made to suit all skin types which is a major plus point. It’s also very affordable, it’s actually under $10 for 1.5 ounces which is a real steal and each bottle lasts an average of 3-4 months too. The formula itself is very light so it doesn’t feel heavy after you do apply it and it doesn’t smell bad, it actually has a very nice, mild smell so you don’t have to feel self-conscious if you’ve applied it and are around people.


dermisa brightening cream ingredientsOne of the biggest reasons why Dermisa brightening cream stands out is because it uses natural ingredients which act as brighteners. The fours natural ingredients that make Dermisa brightening cream are Kojic Acid, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract (Licorice), Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi Leaf Extract (Arbutin) and Emblica Officinalis (Amla). So, there’s no chemical like hydroquinone which happens to be a chemical compound that acts as a bleaching agent. We already know that bleach harms the skin in the long run so it’s recommended by most doctors to avoid it. Also, people with sensitive skin (like myself) might not find bleaching chemicals like hydroquinone to be suitable for their skin so, Dermisa brightening cream stands out with its all-natural brightening ingredients.

It’s recommended to first use a cleanser to clean your face and to then take a small amount of Dermisa brightening cream and apply it on the target area. If you’re going to go outside afterwards, apply some sunscreen too. I started noticing results within the first two weeks, my skin began to appear smoother and dark spots began to fade away. Also with the dark spots being removed, it took years off my face, giving a more youthful, fresh look. A number of people after noticing the positive results have now permanently stuck to the Dermisa skincare line and I can’t blame them. My next visit to the drugstore is going to comprise of buying other products of the Dermisa skincare line because I am now definitely a fan.


Fermodyl 619: A Review

Growing up you probably realized that natural hair does not behave. Most of us with natural hair struggle to maintain it and have experimented with various hair treatments in an attempt to control our unkempt manes. Of course there are also those of you who’ve subjected their hair to harsh treatments like consistent bleaching and hair dyes or you suffer from intensive heat damage because of which your hair is now dry and brittle. Let me just state that I feel your pain. You have three options to choose from here; you can either get a haircut (muffled screaming heard in the distance), try home remedies and try to learn from your mama’s wisdom or you resort to other treatments.

heat-damaged-curly-hairCutting your hair is a good idea if your hair is only heat damaged or ruined by product-buildup, but if your hair is naturally dry, rough and uncooperative then getting a haircut isn’t going to help anytime soon. When it comes to home remedies, they help but they aren’t equipped to handle hair that has months or years of buildup, so home remedies are at best a temporary fix. If you don’t plan on getting a weave and don’t want to opt for the other options, you’re going to have to try various hair treatments instead.

Natural hair has always been the most rebellious kind of hair and maintaining it is no easy task. While there are a list of shampoos to choose from, picking the right type of conditioner and hair treatment is necessary. Before you make your decision, it’s important that you know what your hair type is so that you assess its needs and then choose.

We will first look through the type 3 categories and then move on to the Type 4 categories.

  • Type 3A: Type 3A hair is more sensitive to frizz, so it’s always recommended to use light products that won’t be too heavy for the hair and will not cause too much buildup. Type 3A hair is best described as loose, loopy curls.
  • Type 3B: Type 3B hair is more defined than type 3A and their texture is denser and coarse which is why sulfate-free hair products are mostly recommended for this hair type to prevent buildup. The distance between each curl is smaller in this hair type.
  • Type 3C: Type 3C hair is best described as corkscrew curls and the distance between curls is the smallest compared to the other two hair types. Heat styling and other harsh treatments are not recommended at all for this hair type.
  • Type 4A: Type 4A curls is characterized by its “s-shaped” curls and is less dry compared to most natural hair types; however it is prone to coarseness which is why creamy moisturizers, conditioners and treatments are normally recommended for this hair type.
  • Type 4B: Type 4B appears shorter and condensed than it actually is; it shrinks down up to 50% of the actual length. The curls are “z-shaped” because of which they are more susceptible to breakage. Deep conditioning and creamy moisturizers best suit this type of hair.
  • Type 4C: Type 4C is considered to be the most fragile hair type. The curls don’t have a defined pattern but they can shrink more than 70% of the actual hair length when not stretched out. For example when your hair is stretched out, it’s actually 12 inches of hair, however when it isn’t stretched out, it shrinks down to look as though you only have 5 inches of hair. Normally protective styles are recommended for this hair type to prevent breakage.

Fermodyl 619Now that we have discussed the various types of natural hair, what each type needs is a moisturizing leave-in treatment. Leave-in treatments work instantly and can be done in your homes too so you don’t have to make weekly or monthly trips to the hair salon. They act on the hair’s cuticle and since they are light, they don’t cause extra buildup in the hair.

Fermodyl 619 is one of the many leave-in hair treatments offered by Roux. Other hair treatments by Roux are the Fermodyl 233 and the Fermodyl 07. Roux’s Fermodyl hair treatments have been around for a really long time, a few decades in fact and it has a strong history of positive reviews behind it.

Since Roux has been replaced by various renowned brands nowadays, finding it has become a difficult task but it’s still available on a few websites like but it tends to go out of stock quickly.

Fermodyl 619 resultsMost people recommend using Fermodyl 619 after towel drying your hair and the results are said to be instant. Fermodyl 619 is said to treat and is normally recommended for coarse, dry and tangled hair. Using it just twice a week is normally enough and you will find that your hair is already improving.

The product comes in small tubes and each tube can be used during one sitting. The product itself is clear and has a light consistency, almost like water itself. Another plus point is the fact that it smells really nice unlike most leave-in treatments.

Majority of the people who have used Fermodyl 619 have nothing to say but praises and it’s considered a ‘Godsend’ by most people who suffer from extremely coarse and dry hair. The results have normally been instantaneous; most people rave over how their hair instantly becomes softer and more maintainable. Super curly hair is normally difficult to maintain and is prone to knots and tangles. Fermodyl 619 helps in detangling the hair, making it easier to style as well. Another advantage of using Fermodyl 619 is the fact that it helps limp hair by giving it that extra oomph by adding extra volume and giving body to the hair. Also, since the product itself is very light, there is no issue of dealing with buildup which is a major plus point for natural hair since it tends to get weighed down by buildup.

The only complain one can have about Fermodyl 619 is its price. Compared to most standard leave-in conditioners, Fermodyl 619 costs extra money. However, the amount of money you will spend using ten other different treatments instead isn’t really a smart decision either. Some users have also complained that the effects aren’t long lasting but results do tend to vary from different hair types and varies case to case. However, if you outweigh the pros against the cons Fermodyl 619 is definitely worth a shot.

June Nailbox Subscription Review

Nailbox is a monthly subscription service similar to existing beauty boxes e.g. Glossybox but instead it focuses solely on new nail products which is perfect for people like me as I tend to change up my nail colour more than I have hot dinners!

I was sent the June nailbox to review (after regularly having my nails ‘shellaced’ for around the last six months) so I was looking forward to trying some new polishes on the market. When the box arrived I was also surprised to see, along with 4 polishes, I had been sent an Elegant Touch professional cuticle clipper as I was only expecting the box to contain polishes but every month you can also receive nail accessories which I didn’t realise at first.

The cuticle clipper is very useful to me, I will continue to use it as I tend to my nails at home with professional products (e.g. CND) and only go to the nail salon to have colour reapplied. Perhaps I should consider investing in a UV machine to set my own polish but I also like visiting the nail salon as it feels like a treat and I can have a coffee, chat and just relax!

However, I digress! So, I will use the cuticle clipper – it’s sharp, accurate and comes with a five year guarantee. As for the polishes, I was so excited to see both bright summer colours and a nude. I like bright colours but on a daily basis I like to wear quite neutral tones on my nails and was looking forward to first trying the Nails Inc polish in ‘Colville Mews’ – a gel effect polish that cures in natural daylight and the first polish I had tried of it’s kind.

I was so disappointed! The colour is much flatter on my nails than it looks in the bottle and the opacity was very poor. I had to do three very thin coats and I found it fairly hard to apply. It felt very flaky and didn’t even last two days before most of the polish had peeled off which was such a shame as I had such high hopes for this beautiful looking varnish!

Next up I tried the Essie nail lacquer in ‘Roarrrange’ – a jewel toned bright orange and it was beautiful to apply, the brush was slightly on the large side but the formula was so very easy to apply and gave a clear even coat in just one application. It lasted very well for just under a week and was easy to remove (a huge plus point for brighter colours), but did leave some residue on my fingers rather then the nail themselves. Either way this gets a huge thumbs up from me!


Also included in this month’s box was a classic red nail polish by Tanya Burr called ‘Mischief Managed’. I’d heard very good reviews about this polish including a recommendation from my nail technician herself so I was a little disappointed by the texture of the polish as it felt a bit of a budget polish, like a supermarket’s own brand. The colour was bright and fairly easy to apply as it had a smallish brush and overall I was happy with the colour but it did take three coats to get the even coverage I desired.

My box also contained a bottle of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat which was very fast drying but wasn’t as hard wearing as I anticipated and flaked off within a few days. However as it’s just a clear polish I will continue to use it as I will still get a lot of use out if it.

Nailbox seems like a good idea – you get a mixture of products from premium nail brands and the subscription cost is between £13.50 and £15 a month – a bargain as the products contained within are valued at much much higher. Also I think it’s a great way to try new colours and stay on trend across the seasons. Unfortunately not all the nail polishes were for me (I don’t think I’ll be wearing the nails inc again unless I only want it to last a few hours!) but I’ll definitely be using all the other colours and the cuticle clippers.

You can also get a 15% discount at by entering “NAILBOX” at the checkout, if you want to order a colour that’s arrived within your box or the same nail polish but in another shade. Each Nailbox is set to be delivered on or around the 21st of each month.