6 Hot Tips to Organise Your Closet

6 Hot Tips to Organise Your Closet

Every season I like to buy some new fashion pieces to add to my wardrobe which means making room by organising my closet. I like to take a day, put on some music and get everything out of my wardrobe from clothes to shoes to bags and accessories and lay them out on my bed to see what I have including any hidden gems I’ve forgotten about! If you struggle for ways to organise your clothes or just need a spring clean follow my 6 Hot Tips to Organise Your Closet which you’ll find below…

6 Hot Tips to Organise Your Closet

1. Take everything out and clean it down

It’s like starting with a fresh blank canvas. Whatever size your space, taking time to clean it down and making sure the doors, shelves and rails are no longer grubby will make your wardrobe feel a very special place.

Closet Organisation

2. Try everything on and take pictures.

Not only is trying everything on a fun way to spend an afternoon but it will help you decide what pieces to keep or throw. Does it make you feel comfortable, sexy, frumpy? It can often help to take photos rather than just looking in a mirror to see yourself from different angles. Just like in Clueless. Cher was totally onto something there and wouldn’t ever have a disorganised closet would she? As if!

Cher Clueless Polaroid Wardrobe

3. Keep. Repair. Trash. Donate.

Sort your clothes (and shoes and accessories) into four categories – Keep: for anything you wear regularly and sentimental pieces, Repair: for anything that’s seen better days that you can repair or alter, Trash: garments that are past their best and not worth keeping, e.g. where the fabric has gone ‘bobbly’ or white clothes that are ‘greying’, Donate: for all items that still have life in them and deserve a new home.

4. Group like items together

Keeping T-shirts together, skirts together, casual dresses together etc is beneficial so that you can see at a glance which pieces you have and can help to make a quick decision if you need to find an outfit last minute.

5. Organise by colour

Keeping like colours of the same type of item e.g. you may have 3 short sleeve black t-shirts, makes it easier to see what you have in your wardrobe and makes shopping easier in future. Having garments organised from black to white suits some people but personally I prefer to organise black, grey, white and then colours of the same garment type.

Like Colours Together Closet

6. Put clothes in your closet the wrong way around

This one sounds crazy but is actually a genius tip which will help you to organise next season. Place all your garments on hangers and put them back onto the rails backwards so the hangers are ‘open’ towards you (the opposite of how you typically would). Then when you wear something place it back on the rail facing away from you. Next time you organise your wardrobe you’ll easily see which items you’ve worn and those which you haven’t.

Backwards hangers closet organisation

If you’re stuck for fashion ideas or looking for a change this season you might find my Autumn Winter 2014 Fashion Trends blogpost useful.

Has this inspired you to clean out your closet? Which new pieces will you be picking up this season?

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Autumn Winter 2014 Fashion Trends

Autumn Winter 2014 Fashion Trends

The season’s are changing and it’s time for the warmer clothes to make a reappearance. If you’re looking for some Autumn Winter 2014 Fashion trends inspiration to transition you into the new season, here are the latest trends to keep you looking stylish this A/W.


Along with the usual reintroduction of black into the everyday wardrobe (for some of us it never left *cough*), hues of blue and grey will be back in force. Think midnight blues and teals, rather than navy mixed with tones of heavy grey.

AW 2014 Fashion Trends  BlueNew Look Blue Flower Headband £9.99 | H&M Blue Furry Sweater £24.99 | Freedom at Topshop Midnight Ring Stack, Available end October ’14, £12

Caramel, Browns and Mustard will also be a strong theme this winter, easily mixed and matched for a retro 70’s look.

Additionally, jewel tones of burgundy red and emerald green are the statement colours for evening wear so I predict we’ll be seeing a lot of these around Christmas time!

AW 2014 Fashion Trends  Burgundy

Dorothy Perkins Burgundy Aviator Jacket £45 | New Look Burgundy Patent Rucksack £19.99 | Miss Selfridge Burgundy Leather Crop Top £75

Monochrome (black and white) and houndstooth patterns are still classics and will carry through to Spring ’15.

AW 2014 Monochrome Fashion

Miss Selfridge Monochrome Check Crop Top £14 | Fearne Cotton for Very faux Fur Coat £89 | New Look Dogtooth Blanket Scarf £19.99


A lot of faux fur is hitting the highstreet including garments made entirely of ‘hairy’ fabrics. Not only gilets but entire dresses and skirts made of faux fur will be available. At least there’s no chance we’ll freeze in short skirts anymore!

A lot of layering is also going to be seen, with lace and sheer panels worn with contrasting heavier fabrics to create eclectic looks. Embellishment is also due to be a huge trend this coming season, with sequins and beading on statement pieces adding interest and texture.

AW 2014 Fashion Trends Layers and Sequins
Internacionale Black Sequin Lace Midi Skirt £10 | H&M Layered Dress £29.99 | French Connection Spectacular Sparkle Jumpsuit £180

Leather is also playing a big part this coming season, look out for garments with a hint of leather, e.g. cuffs or collars, to update classic pieces.

Other trends to look out for:

Outerwear – Padded and boxy style jackets will be keeping you warm and toasty this coming winter.

Over the Knee Boots – Flat heeled over the knee boots will keep you bang on trend and look great with shorter skirts and over leggings.
Pointed heels – will be THE must have shape for this coming season. Low or high heels, keep the toe pointed. Classic patent black will see you through most occasions.
Trainers – a must have for most wardrobes, if you haven’t already humped on the bandwagon, now’s the time to pick up some Converse or Vans!
Cleated soles and chunky boots – This 90’s trend is back and bold – snow white chunky heeled boots are a perfect winter accessory.

Cut and Form
Simple shapes in interesting fabrics such as A-line skirts will be making an appearance.

Pleats will be adding volume to tops, dresses and skirts. Topshop have some amazing pieces that look almost sculpted!

Midi length skirts and palazzo style formal trousers will add a flattering edge to winter fashion and are perfect for work and play.

Which of these trends will you be trying this coming season? Or do you have your own style you’ll be keeping to? Share your best Autumn Winter fashion tips below!

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How to Create Your Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

How to Create Your Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Next week I’m jetting off on a last minute holiday (we are leaving things completely by chance this year, very unlike me!) but I’ve already planned my holiday wardrobe thanks to a clever capsule wardrobe list I devised last year. I’m a planner by nature and prefer things in life to be organised down to the last detail so if you’re like me and like things organised or you’re just looking for some holiday outfit inspiration, here’s my take on how to create your holiday capsule wardrobe.

How to Create Your Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Holiday Wardrobe Tips:

Decide on a colour theme with a maximum of three colours (plus black and white) – this makes it easier to mix and match pieces to create many different outfits. Last year for holiday my colour theme was coral, black and mint whereas this year I’m keeping things simple by choosing classic monochrome pieces and adding in some bright accessories of purple, orange and pink.

Add bright accessories to change up your look. Take scarves and jewellery on vacation in an assortment of colours and styles – they take up much less space in your suitcase than extra clothes and can drastically alter a basic look, easily taking you from day to night in an instant.

Wear a lightweight scarf on the plane – If you’re going abroad this is a staple – I wear one to the airport so that I can snuggle into it if it gets a bit chilly on the flight. Once on holiday it doubles up in the daytime as a sarong or a cover up if it gets too hot and then in the evening it can be worn as a shawl to cover up cold shoulders or to disguise wobbly arms! I also wear a scarf as a belt to change up a plain pair of shorts and lastly I like to use it on my sun lounger – you know that bit where the towel’s not quite long enough to reach to the end – which keeps my feet covered when sunbathing on my front so I don’t get burnt feet.

Buy pieces with a dual purpose such as mix and match bikinis. The beauty of having mix and match bikinis is that you can mix and match them to create four different bikini looks, plus you can wear the bikini tops in the daytime (if you’re daring enough) styled as bandeau or crop tops. If you’re not so daring, try high waisted versions of bikinis or opt for tankinis – it looks like a swimsuit but is in fact separate pieces – and they’re much more versatile than a one-piece. Reversible and tan-through bikinis and tankinis are available too!

What to wear on the flight or when travelling:

The main concern here is comfort but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t stay stylish too.
I like to wear harem or palazzo pants with a basic tee, which are both super comfy and easy to wear. A jacket of some kind is essential because I get so cold on the plane and might be needed for when I get back (Dear UK, why are you so rainy?!) and as noted above, a cotton scarf to keep the chill of my neck. Also I like to wear a scarf to add some interest to an otherwise basic outfit but it all depends on what you feel most comfortable in. As an alternative you could try a statement necklace which is bang on trend.

Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

1. White Crop Top Bloomingdales UK
2. Harem Pants Forever21
3. Print Fringe Kimono Miss Selfridge or 4. Crop Denim Jacket French Connection
5. Madison Espadrilles Kurt Geiger
6. Oversized scarf (can also be worn as a sarong) Select

What to pack:

24 Piece Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

  1. A Large Beach Bag – H&M
  2. A satchel or day bag (doubles up as your travel bag and hand luggage) I like this one from F&F at Tesco and it’s great value at only £16
  3. Sunglasses – Lavish Alice
  4. A Hat – French Connection
  5. Lightweight Scarf or sarong x2 – Select
  6. Scarf/sarong –  NotOntheHighStreet
  7. 2 Mix and Match Bikinis or Tankinis – Reversible Bikini – Forever21
  8. Long Line Bikini – Lipsy
  9. Denim shorts – Forever21
  10. A Maxi Skirt – Oasis
  11. A Maxi dress – Forever21
  12. A Day dress or playsuit – Quiz
  13. An Evening dress or jumpsuit – Coast
  14. 1 pair flipflops – I’m totally in love with my Reefs but I’ve got a soft spot for Ruby & Ed flip flops because they’re so comfy. I have a pair in nearly every colour!
  15. 1 pairs of sandals or espadrilles – T-bar Sandals – Aftershock London
  16. Espadrilles – Kurt Geiger
  17. 1 pair of heels Mango
  18. Palazzo or harem pants such as these harem pants that double as a playsuit
  19. 3 vests or t-shirts – Bloomingdales UK
  20. Brightly coloured shorts or skort – Miss Selfridge
  21. Statement jewellery – H&M
  22. Kimono or cover up – Miss Selfridge
  23. A beach cover up that doubles as a day dress – Embellished Kaftan
  24. Denim Jacket – French Connection

A total of 26 pieces like these will give you more than enough outfits for travelling, day time outfits and evening outfits for at least 7 days (but more like 10-14 if you plan wisely!) Lastly, don’t forget your travel documents, medications, money, passport, sun lotion and a good summer book.

Enjoy your holidays!

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