Arts and Crafts: Gift Ideas

Christmas 2012 I decided to do gifts on a budget and turned my hand to making a few presents, mostly for the younger children (toys) and the adults (liquor!) and missed out the teenagers as it was a pretty hard task knitting x-box games o_O

Instead of foodie gifts (which I made the year before) I wanted to make some craft and home items so wanted to share them with you and hope they serve as a little inspiration 🙂 (Sorry for the rubbish photos, they were taken in a rush!)

I also made some limoncello, blackberry and raspberry liquor and hot chocolate jars for the adults which consisted of a decorated glass jar filled with a hot chocolate recipe mix and lots of scrummy marshmallows to melt into it 🙂

Do you make any special gifts for your friends and family? What handmade gift would you like someone to make you?