Oh hey…it’s 2013!

I wonder if anyone feels the same – that this year has been off to a slow start and that it feels like it’s just starting to pick up momentum? Before I go any further, let me wish you a Happy New Year! Because, yes, it seems we all survived the non-existent ‘apocalypse’ which I personally followed up by having a jolly good Christmas, celebrated the new year with an abundance of fireworks set off in time to ‘Gangnam Style’, made resolutions (and broke them) and then most recently have found myself knee (ok, ankle if I’m being honest) deep in snow. Is that just me?
Much has happened this year already but not much has been accomplished. But…it feels as if 2013 will be a big year, that things will get done, that changes will be made and that life is moving forward. I wonder if I felt the same this time last January and that my new found optimism just happens to coincide with new beginnings. Hmm.
But I digress. So the new year is upon us. And 2013 brings some definite changes whether I want them to happen or not. Namely my 30th (29 againth) Birthday slap bang in the middle of the year. Time to be a grown up. A proper bonafide grown up adult person. With a mortgage or somesuch. Erm, not likely.
Stuff like this just makes me want to run and hide. And I know I’m not the only one. Milestones bring responsibilities of different kinds and 30 brings proper grown up adultness, so be boring, quick settle down, get married, have babies, get a mortgage and while you’re at it retire from everyday society because you’re no longer classified as ‘young’. God help us when we reach, dare I say it, 40 and be completely over the hill. There’s so much pressure (which I hate) that comes with aging, especially if you’re a woman and I’m currently feeling it more than ever. But I’ve never been one to do things by the book so I’m planning on staying 29 and not giving into stereotyping myself for a long time to come.
So I mentioned before about changes happening this year. One thing I’d like to do is give the blog a bit of a make-over and spend more time blogging as it has been put on the backburner for a while. So any suggestions for themes and styles would be really good to hear :)
Other things I’m looking forward to this year:
Travelling more
Taking many photos
Reading lots
Rejoining my textiles degree
Drawing and designing
Throwing snowballs
Baking yummy cakes
Trying lots of lovely new beauty products!
What are you looking forward to in 2013? What changes are you hoping to see?

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