Sponsored Post: Edible Oddities!

You may have recently seen these little crackers – Jacobs Oddities!
small duck jacobs oddities
They come in two flavours, smoky bacon and cheese, and each bag is filled with lots of strangely shaped little crackers like rockets, dog bones and ducks. This made everyone in the household (all adults) ooh and ahh over each handful and resulted in a game of Oddities snap, leading me to think it’s not just children who should be told not to play with their food!
small rocket jacobs oddities crackers
I was challenged to eat Oddities in an odd or different place, so this is me eating them on a beach on a desert island*.
 oddities duck on beach
I much prefer the smoky bacon flavour over the cheese but I can see these going down a storm as nibbles at parties and at Christmas and I would definitely serve these up over the old traditional ‘crisps and nuts’.
small man jacobs oddities crackers
Will you be trying Oddities? What odd place do you think you would eat them?!

*Shhh! Not really, it’s a painting!

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