Love Da Popcorn Competition

I thought I’d give a quick mention about this Love Da Popcorn / Yourvine challenge for all you food and competition lovers out there!
Love Da Popcorn was first featured on Dragon’s Den and when Peter Jones said ‘I’m in’ things got interesting! The collaboration resulted in a new fun range of flavoured popcorn including sea salt & black pepper, sea salt & balsamic vinegar, white chocolate, caramel & toffee, sweet chilli & lime and sweet honey & sea salt (available in Waitrose around the country).
To be in with a chance to win some tasty popcorn, sign up over at Yourvine using this link: and take part in one (or all!) of the popcorn challenges.
Here are the challenges:

Level 1 – It takes one to know one

Challenge: It’s time to unveil our magical poster generating machine… Step inside popcorn lovers and make a poster about yourself.

Reward: A large bag of Love Da Popcorn


Level 2 – And they lived happily ever after

Challenge: We’re full of stories, but now it’s your turn. Here you get to tell us a story about a funny failure from your past.

Reward: Break a Guinness World Record and try new flavours before anyone else


Level 3 – Love Da Popcorn Basketball

Challenge: Play a game of popcorn basketball with your mouth as the net.

Reward: Get 5 bags of limited edition white chocolate popcorn and an original signed Love Da Popcorn poster


Level 4 – On a mission

Challenge: We’re on a mission to supply the whole damn world with popcorn. But in the meantime, there are a few people we really want to see with a bag of Love Da Popcorn, and you can help make it happen….

Reward: A year’s supply of Love Da Popcorn

Also you can see some of the amazing entries that have already been submitted for Popcorn Basketball here –
All fun ways to win some free tasty popcorn. Let me know if you take part and what tasty flavours you would like to try!


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