10 Ways to Eliminate Clothing Clutter

I am definitely one for lists. I even make lists of lists and my new favourite gadget is MindNode where you can make spider diagrams of anything you like in a colourful and fun way! And last week it came in handy when I decided to embark upon getting myself organised. And when I say organised I mean everything – paperwork, filing, finances, odd jobs and errands, belongings, clothes, wardrobe, health and pretty much anything else you can think of.
One of my tasks was to sort through my clothes and it got me thinking about storage and space, which I never seem to have enough of. To organise my wardrobe I started by organising clothes into categories e.g. tops, shorts, skirts etc and whilst doing so made a separate pile of clothes of anything that I wanted to get rid of for any reason.
Bright airy colourful and perfect wardrobe on display
I organised the clothes I wanted to keep into summer and winter seasons and put all my summer clothes away (sad times!) At this point I tried on all my winter clothes to see what still fits and put them into size order as I put them away. I did this for each category of clothes including belts, scarves, underwear, shoes and bags. And as my summer clothes were put out of sight I had much more space for this season’s items.
Clothes can be put away for storage in drawers, under bed storage boxes, space saver vacuum bags (the kind where you hoover or roll the air out to make the bag go flat – if you’re like me you’ve probably caught this on early morning infomercials where suddenly a lady pulls out 3 duvets and a giant cuddly toy from one miniscule bag and looks amazed), or as I did, now the summer is over – put all my summer clothes away in my suitcases, which also are unlikely to be needed until next year anyway.
This left me with a pile of clothes that I didn’t want to keep anymore, so I also wanted to be inventive with how to get rid of them (throwing clothes away should never be an option!) I’ll be using a mixture of the following ways to get rid of my unwanted clothes:

1. Ebay

…is probably the most obvious place to start as if you’ve got good quality clothes with branded names or the tags still on they should sell well.

2. Having a Blog Sale

…is simple to set up you can add pictures and prices of your items and you won’t have any seller fees. Best to get payment by paypal to avoid giving out personal details.

3. Asos Marketplace

…is great new way to sell your gear online on a dedicated fashion selling platform.

4. Places like Bigwardrobe.com and preloved.co.uk

…allow you to sell or swap clothing online.

5. Swapstyle

…allows you to list your items online, browse others wardrobes and offer a swap. Great if you’re looking to update your wardrobe without spending any cash.

6. Swishing events

…typically include taking your good quality items of clothing to a local venue, hand them over to the organisers and then you ‘shop’ everyone else’s items and get to take around 3 items home. You can also swish online at swishing.co.uk.

7. Donate to charity

…as charity shops are always on the lookout for stock so take your excess to your local shop or wait for a charity bag to come through the door and you can even get it collected.

8. Donate your old bras

…to breasttalk to raise money for UK charity Breast Cancer Campaign.

9. Alter your old clothes and create whole new outfits!

…This is a great way of thrifting, saving you money and updating your look all at once. The easiest way to update items is to turn old t-shirts into vests or use the fabric to make scarves and headbands.

10. Be crafty

…and use the fabric from old clothes to make toys and gifts and if all else fails, turn them into dusters! Some examples for fabric recycling include making sock monkeys, garlands, bunting, draught excluders, quilts and cushion covers. Fancy turning your hand to something new, check out craftbits.com for ideas.
Lastly I will try from now on to make sure I don’t spend on clothes each season without consulting my wardrobe to check I don’t already have 3 identical shirts or 8 pairs of jeans the same! So which of these tips will you use to keep your wardrobe tidy and your closet clear from mess?


  1. Nancy@Permanent Eyebrows says

    i do this thing a lot.. i mix and match my old clothes with some newer pieces and it becomes an entirely new look in a cost-effective way 😉

    • says

      It’s only clean bras and it’s for the fabric as it gets donated to a textile company to be recycled. The company pay the charity for the fabric weight and the proceeds go to helping Breast Cancer. So not weird in my opinion!

  2. Skin Care Routine says

    Oh clutter…that was my mother’s calling. Good tips – but first and foremost, you have to throw some things out! Hoarders never throw anything away and it gets addictive. Then organize things into sections, decide what you can not live without, and yes get the rest ready for a sale at one of your mentioned outlets. Thanks for this post.

  3. Georgina says

    Your room is so gorgeous! Can I ask where you got the wall attachment for all the shelves a clothes rails?

    • says

      Sadly the room isn’t mine – it’s an image I found online but I couldn’t find a source for it. I wish it was my room though! Ikea do something really similar. Hope that helps x

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