MUA Nail Polishes Reviewed

I recently discovered these £1 nail polishes from MUA (Make Up Academy) in Superdrug. They’re great if you’re after seasonal nail varnish on a budget and come in a wide variety of colours. But I did wonder whether a £1 polish would pass the test as longevity, tip wear, ease of application and brush size are some of the issues I had previously heard about. I chose six colours from the range (because they were all so nice I couldn’t pick and for £1 each, I thought why not?!) and here are my thoughts on the shades I bought…
Shade 4 (all the polishes have numbers not names, a little bit confusing!) is a coral/orangey colour and one of my favourites for application. It has a cream finish and you could get away with only one coat of this for an all over opaque nail colour. I love this pretty colour and is one that I like best from the selection and is definitely worth it’s £1 price tag!
MUA Nail polish shade 4 coral orange
Next is shade 16, a bright pop of pink – almost Barbie pink but more of a grown up version! Again this is another cream colour and was easy to apply and quick to create an opaque colour on the nails.
MUA nail polish shade 16 barbie pink
Third up is a gorgeous bronze gold nail polish with a metallic finish in shade 10. This was the easiest one to apply and I liked the overall colour and this was my favourite from all six. I’ll definitely be wearing this one a lot!
MUA nail polish shade 10 bronze gold
I picked up shade 9, a creamy medium blue because I liked the idea of using this colour in nail art or for designs as I don’t usually like blue nail polish (just my personal preference as I don’t think it suits me) but I actually really like this! It was slightly less opaque than the other cream colours but again was easy to apply and the end result was nice. It might just have converted me into wearing a blue polish more often!
MUA nail polish shade 9 blue
I’ve been wanting to get a mint nail polish for some time (and to match my bargainous stripy summer dress for £3.60 which you can see in my summer fashion hual) and thought this looked quite promising. But I was very disappointed with this polish (shade 5) because it was streaky, not very pigmented and just seemed harder to apply than the other colours from the range. The colour shown in the photo is from three layers (and I don’t like having to apply more than one or two coats as it can take so long to dry!) but I think this might still need another coat to get an even coverage. It’s a shame as I really like the colour but I wasn’t impressed with this one, and looking at the bottle it doesn’t appear any different from the other colours so it was surprising how bad it was.
MUA nail polish shade 5 mint
Lastly I bought shade 15 which is a raspberry pink colour and another one I know I will wear often. Like the other cream colours it applied well and after a week of having this on my nails (two coats, no topcoat) I have no tip wear, chipping or flaking so I’m suitably impressed with the longevity of this one too.
MUA nail polish shade 15 raspberry pink
I would definitely recommend MUA nail colours as for £1 each it’s an easy to way to update your nail collection and the colours seem good quality and long wearing. Unfortunately it’s a bit trial and error on which colours work the best but I would definitely repurchase the metallic colour and will be looking at the others from the range.
What are your thoughts on the MUA range? What nail colours (MUA or not) will you be purchasing next?


  1. Claire says

    Another post! Is it sad that I’m excited, and perhaps even missing blogging slightly?!

    I’ve always found mint colours to be harder to put on, even in Gelish. Thins coats is the way to go, so even with 3 or 4 you can get them looking good and not clumpy. The blue is a gorgeous colour, one I’d definitely wear on my toes. With my skin tone, it would probably make me look like I had frostbite on my fingers!

    Not tried the MUA range yet. In fact I haven’t even bought any new polishes for a long long time. I don’t paint my nails at all now, not with polish anyway! :) x

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