Lush: Shower Your Body with Lemon and Sugar

If yesterday got you in the mood for pancakes but you missed out or if you’re now stuffed and want to save some calories (er, that might include me after my toppings of nutella and banana and maple syrup!), then you might like to know the traditional combination of lemon and sugar also make great ingredients to coat your body with. Lemon is a great astringent and can be used for cleansing, toning and refreshing whilst sugar is a fantastic natural exfoliator.
lemony flutter cuticle butter lush

Lemony Flutter cuticle butter

(£5.95 for 50g) is a multi-purpose, intensely rich moisturiser that’s perfect for softening not only cuticles but also hard skin on feet, hands and elbows. Intensely lemon-scented, lemon oil is very softening and used to treat corns and callouses. Lemon juice, rich in vitamins, is a very versatile tonic juice. The blend of very rich oils, including flaxseed, castor oil, palm kernel oil, soya oil and organic avocado all nourish and the texture is extremely softening. See my full review of lemony flutter cuticle butter here.
sweet lips lip scrub lush

Sweet Lips lip scrub

(£4.95) Lush lip scrubs are made with a base of castor sugar to gently scrub away any flaky skin, leaving your pout perfectly soft and smooth. This one blends in rich and creamy cocoa absolute and vanilla extract for a delicious chocolatey flavour. I can also vouch for this scrub as it’s like a yummy softening scrub (don’t eat it!) and I swapped to this after the demise of nevertoobusytobebeautiful as I previously used their mint julep (dewlip!) mint scrub and this is a great replacement.

What are your favourite pancake toppings?!


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