Weight To Go Diet Trial – Results

I have to say that this week has gone so quickly and days 6 and 7 of my diet trial have gone by in a blur! I think after a few days I got used to the diet – not only the foods, but also the routine of it and it started to feel like second nature.
The most difficult part of the Weight To Go diet was feeling hungry on the first few days and finding the motivation and will power to carry on.
The best parts were how easy the foods and sakes were to prepare and also knowing that at the end of the diet I would have a different number on the scale and be a step closer to my long term goal.
Did I cheat? Yes. I had skimmed milk in my tea. But if that’s what constitutes a cheat them I’m definitely heading in the right direction! Other than that I stuck to the plan of having three shakes, one soup and one meal a day plus a piece of fruit and vegetables.
I thought soup for lunch would quickly get boring and I would crave carbs but in fact I had a different flavour soup each day and didn’t get bored and the portion size was large and filled me up. The evening meals (also microwaveable (in 2 minutes)) were tasty and were made from fresh ingredients and tasted home made.
Again, I have to come back to price. I have seen cheaper diets than this, and more expensive diets that are similar but I feel with Weight To Go you get more for your money. If you consider the ease of use of the products and know this will take the thinking out of weightloss and will help you achieve your goal, then I’m all for it! But don’t confuse this, or other diets, for a replacement to learning how to eat properly and getting guidance if you have weight issues.
At the end of the weeks trial I got on the scales and I lost 5lbs. Weight To Go suggest that you will lose 2-4lbs in your first week, so even with having milk I had a good result. For me this was just the kickstart I needed and I have learnt to curb my sugar cravings.
So there you have it, the trial is over. What do you think of the Weight To Go diet idea? Have you tried or would you try a diet like this?


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