2012 Diet Inspiration

I hate to admit it but it’s that time of year again when weightloss is on my mind. From boxing day I’ve been seeing (or should I say bombarded by) adverts for new celebrity fitness dvd’s and numerous slimming groups and to be honest I don’t know which way to turn.
To make matters worse, I’m not your average dieter. I’m a yo-yo dieter with sudden weightloss or weight gain, the catalyst for which is my Crohns medication, coupled with emotional eating. When I was first diagnosed with Crohns I put on 5 stones (or 70lbs) and then lost it fairly easily when I came off the course of steroid medication I had been prescribed. But my Crohns soon flared and back on steroids I went and once again up went my weight and I’m now back to where I started.
I have continued to exercise during this time but it hasn’t stopped me gaining weight. However, in the next month or so I am stopping my medication again, plus I have set myself some fitness goals for this year (link), so this time I am hoping to lose weight and keep it off for good.
In an attempt to keep up my motivation I found some images and words of inspiration and decided to include them here. If you have a weightloss goal this year I hope you find them equally inspiring.

words of diet inspiration

don't starve yourself to be skinny
the body you've always wanted
diet in weeks (Source)
Dream it wish it do it (Source)
If you have any weightloss and fitness goals for 2012 I would love to hear about them. Anything from losing a few pounds to running a marathon, we all need a little motivation and support so I hope you will continue to revisit to follow my weightloss journey and to share your advice.

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