Everyday Baking – Chocolate Orange Profiteroles

OK, so these yummy profiteroles may not be on the menu every day (although I wouldn’t blame you if they were – they’re delicious!). But as a treat these chocolate orange choux buns are a nice way to have a special dessert. This is my second attempt at profiteroles and luckily they came out as they should – little light puffs of pastry :) (I say luckily because I believe if you don’t have the natural skill for pastry (like me) but can follow a recipe (like me) then you’ve got a 50/50 chance of it working out as it should and this time luck was on my side!)
chocolate orange profiteroles choux buns
chocolate orange profiteroles choux bins close up detail
They are filled with whipped cream and a little orange extract but you can also use a small amount of orange juice and the zest or even a little orange liquor. Do the same thing with the chocolate sauce and pour over whilst still warm and they taste like a well known orange flavoured chocolate haha! And as Dawn French is presumably not eating them anymore after her weight loss, these aren’t Dawn’s, they’re mine! :)


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