Detoxing vs. Dieting – Pros and Cons

If you’ve thought of detoxing but are considering another diet instead, read this guide on detoxing vs dieting to weigh up which option is best for you.

detox vs diet article

The Benefits of Detoxing

  • Increased energy levels
  • Glowing skin
  • Better digestion
  • To strengthen and generate healthy cells
  • To heal the body and improve the immune system
  • To give a general feeling of wellbeing
  • Feeling more rested
  • Sleeping better
  • To eliminate free radicals and toxins
  • To rid the body of addictions e.g. sugar, salt, alcohol
  • To help identify food allergies and intolerances
  • To banish bloating
  • Decreased cellulite and improved skintone
  • It promotes good habits

The Benefits of Dieting

  • Sustained weightloss
  • You can do it anytime
  • There are many different diets to choose from to suit your needs
  • You can incorporate foods into your everyday diet with little disruption
  • A structured plan that can help you retrain your eating habits
  • An increase in energy and ease of movement
  • Health issues are reduced such as cholesterol levels
  • Less stress over health issues
  • Maintaining a healthy weight can help you live longer

The Disadvantages to Detoxing

  • A lack of energy to begin
  • Side effects including headaches and tiredness
  • It may be difficult to stick to
  • Difficultly in maintaining an everyday routine
  • A lowered immune system whilst detoxing
  • Detoxing is usually short term which means any weightloss seen is initially from water loss which is easily put back on
  • Cravings for foods are common

The Disadvantages to Dieting

  • Your body can go into starvation mode and if you begin to eat ‘normally’ again after, you are likely to put weight on quickly
  • It might be difficult to stick to
  • It requires willpower to work effectively
  • It may include faddy food items
  • It can be expensive
  • Planning your meals and a shopping list may be a chore
  • The time to prepare food may be increased
  • Maintaining weight can be difficult once your target weight is reached
  • It may cause the onset of an eating disorder
  • Social situations can become difficult e.g. eating out at a restaurant
  • It can lead you to obsessive about food and eating habits
  • Yo-yo dieting can actually slow your metabolism

It seems as though the disadvantages to dieting really outweigh the advantages, whereas the benefits of detoxing far outweigh the cons. Both detoxing and dieting have a number of reasons why you shouldn’t undertake them, but understandably the end results of both weightloss and improved health are real motivators to achieve your goals.
If you are thinking of starting a new diet or detox regime, start by getting some professional advice from your GP or health practitioner to choose the right plan for your needs.
Which diets or detox plans have you tried? After reading the disadvantages to both detoxing and dieting, would you think twice before starting a new health regime? What are your top tips for effective weightloss?

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