Pupa Multivitamin AEF Breast Shaper Review

Let’s talk about boobs! Are you happy with yours? Too big or too small, we hear about them all the time – whether it be about which celeb is the latest to have had a boob job or who needs extra support or been spotted without a bra, let alone having a dreaded ‘wardrobe malfunction’! And sometimes boobs change shape and size on their own – after puberty, weight gain or loss and pregnancy are the reasons for this. Last year there was a 15% increase in amount of women having breast surgery in the UK, and approximately 6000 women went abroad for the surgery instead.
No amount of exercise will change the size of your boobs (although exercise will tone the muscles behind the breast tissue and can help keep them more perky), but there are some measures you can take to improve their tone and appearance. French women swear by splashing cold water over the decollete on a daily basis and of course there are now plenty of fantastic bras offering support and shape for all boob sizes.
Pupa AEF Breast Shaper
The newest body product I’ve found for improving boobs is Pupa AEF Breast Shaper, a gel cream which claims if used daily can help with large, sagging breasts and improve tone and appearance. It comes in a tube (shown above) and comes in at around £49 for 150ml. Other products on the market which claim similar results are a lot more expensive and £49 is simply a bargain if you compare it with the price of surgery. That is of course, if you get the desired results.


Pupa Breast Shaper claims to be ‘Skin firming and tightening, highly elasticizing’ to ‘improve tone, firmness and shape’. Here’s what I found from using it for a month…on application, the texture turns from a liquid into a silky soft and velvety cream, which smells fresh and lightly musky. On the skin, it absorbs quickly and leaves a smoother and more youthful appearance. Over the month I have seen a great improvement in skin tone and it feels plumper and much much softer. It has also increased ‘fullness’ in the upper part of the boobs. I have also been using the Breast Shaper for it’s dual purpose – on stretch marks. No cream makes stretch marks disappear but this does lessen their appearance, akes the skin more supple and I found that it decreased the redness I had.
The Pupa Breast Shaper contains multivitamins (A,E & F) and is unique in it’s formulation as it contains ‘Laminopeptides’ which create a “‘Zip Effect’ by strengthening the connection between the skin and its supporting tissues”. I have found the Breast Shaper more than satisfactory and I’m secretly impressed with the results, knowing that I’ve found a product which really does work and help an everyday issue. If you’re not a fan of separate moisturisers for different body parts, then I would recommend this to be an investment as a second cream. I’m sure it would soon become a firm beauty favourite, as it has become one of mine.

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