Weigh In Update and my weightloss tips…

Another day, another (long) diet update! Stepped onto the scales today and I had lost another 1lb! Slowly but surely, it’s going in the right direction :) I also feel I should admit that on friday night I ate half a kebab and nearly a whole packet of munchies. It’s not a big cheat, and they’re the only things I have eaten on my diet which aren’t part of the Diet Chef plan but in the interest of being honest about my results, I felt I should mention it. And I’m not making any excuses, I just really wanted them and had a moment of weakness!

Weight at start of Diet Chef diet (Monday 15th February): 11st 11lbsWeight Thursday 25th February: 11st 7lbsWeight today (Thursday 4th March): 11st 6lbs
=5lbs loss

So I’ve been asked a few times how I’ve managed to lose weight so I thought in this post I’d include a few of my own diet/weightloss tips. They might be things you’ve heard before, but they have all helped me to keep going!

  • Keep a food diary for a week, make a note of what you eat and drink but also how much and any ‘trigger’ foods which you seem to eat/crave more.
  • I found the only way to stop eating my ‘trigger’ foods (biscuits, chocolate, crisps) was just to not buy it or keep them in the house. I understand this isn’t always possible though, so if you do have them in the house for other people put them somewhere out of your sight. Once I determined what these foods were I was able to take control of it and now can eat them in moderation.
  • Don’t deprive yourself of something and end up gorging and then feeling guilty/so bad about it that you then eat to make yourself feel better. It’s a cycle and difficult to break. Eat a little of what you fancy in moderation! (And those foods which I felt I couldn’t I wouldn’t go near!)
  • Look at portion sizes, particularly things like pasta and carbs and check out the BBC Healthy Living website for a guide.
  • Drink more water, 6-8 glasses/ 1.5-2Litres a day (yes you’ve probably heard this one but it does make you feel better and there are some very nice herbal teas out there or you can mix it with fruit juice if you can’t face it plain).
  • Get your five a day. I do this by having a fruit smoothie first thing in the morning (that’s 2), one with lunch or as a snack eg a banana or a glass of fruitjuice* and one or two portions of veg with dinner. The NHS Livewell website has loads of tips on how to get 5 a day into your diet. Plus fruit and veg is filling so you shouldn’t feel so hungry between meals! *A serving of fruitjuice is 150ml. Drink more and you’ll be consuming extra calories but no extra benefits.
  • Work out your BMI (Body Mass Index) – at my heaviest mine was well over 30 (Obese) and I knew the health implications, so see what a good BMI for your height/weight would be.
  • Set yourself targets, do you want to lose a dress size? 3 stone? Get down to an ideal BMI? Then set yourself mini targets/goals for yourself as you lose weight. At the beginning of my diet I made a list of goals, looking for example like this:

Target 1: 12 stone = 7lbs loss
Target 2: 11st 10 = Healthy BMI rangeTarget 3: 11st 7 = 1 stone loss

Then as I reached each target, I ticked it off and allowed myself a treat for attaining each goal eg. A new nail polish, a face mask, magazine or a music download-small things that made me feel better and that weren’t focused around food. And they didn’t always cost money-sometimes they were just setting myself time aside to have a bubble bath and read a book with no interruptions.

  • Only weigh yourself once a week, at the same time of day and wearing the same clothes if possible to get a more accurate reading.
  • Get moving (even if it’s just a little bit!). I started by doing the Couch to 5K Running Plan because running was well, free, and I was/probably still am (when allowed) a couch potato :)
  • Keep track of your weightloss. Being a geek :) I made a spreadsheet of my weightloss and added my weight in each week, even if it had increased and plotted the results on a graph. It was a pain sometimes to do it but I knew it would be an incentive to keep going as I saw the results in front of me. I also tracked my BMI as it decreased and my exercise (I have done it more than the graph shows!)
  • Try different foods and vary your diet. I’ll be uploading some healthy recipes to the blog soon that you can try!
  • I’ve done my weightloss on my own because I found my own regime was the only way that did it for me, but you might not be the same. There are loads of groups out there to help you lose weight (local classes, slimming clubs, gym clubs) and tools to help you on your way (see below) so you don’t have to do it on your own or feel alone. If you’re serious about losing weight then see your GP and if you feel you have an issue with food there’s help out there for you too-mention it to your GP or seek a counsellor.

Online weightloss tools:
The Couch to 5K Running Plan
Map My Run
BMI Calculator
NHS Livewell 5 a day guide
Change for life

I hope this has been of some help to those of you wanting to lose weight. Any questions or comments leave them below or come follow me on twitter (@liz_randell) if you wanna talk direct. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back with another weigh in update (a shorter one!) next week!xx

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